The Story of how Vanya Zhukov wrote a fantastic es

The Story of how Vanya Zhukov wrote a fantastic essay about the political system of the Republic

Vanya spent some time nearby a garbage cans.

A snippets of newspapers did announce about an intensive search for new ways of development of science in the great Northern state.

The activity of the Academy of Sciences has become the subject of close analysis. The best minds of the state reflected on how to reach effect not by using a quantity (of monetary units), but by using a skills, abilities, qualification, competence (to receive though any results in exchange of expenses "into science").

It was an interesting theme. Vanya, being one of the main scientific brains of the Republic, could not but become interested in questions of the "correct" financing of "science".

However he did not manage to feel himself like a doctor of philosophy deeply reflecting on borders of a possible in a tower from an ivory.

A messenger from the chairman of literary association arrived. The chairman now - in the Africa or maybe already – in the Arctic (it is possible that - in Asia) – hunts whether elephants, whether polar bears, whether tigers. But the chairman's thoughts are not with an elephants, but - with the defiant literary humans, who are storming the creative sky.

The chairman instructed to find for Vanya the place for accommodation and to create conditions for creative work.

In the check-point building (on the entrance to the literary and hunting estate) for Vanya the folding bed was put, and in the administrative house, where issues of lodging of the visitors arriving in the estate were resolving, a one of window sills was reserved for Vanya. The window sill could be used by Vanya for placement and storage of personal belongings

Vanya, as usual, a part of a way to the estate passed on foot. The part of a way managed to overcome with a garbage car.

(A stylish cars were outpacing Vanya. It seemed to him that in one of cars he saw through glass of the great diplomat who was philosophically looking at the world).

It turned out that Vanya became the known figure. The staff of check-point organized something like a grand welcome at which one of employees solemnly presented (as a gift) to Vanya a ballpoint pen, half filled with ink. A little later, Vanya was informed, in confidence, where he could take scraps of paper to record his thoughts for his book.

Of course, a modern technologies were not forgotten. A few hours in the Big Archive – in the beautiful room, where there were computers and – on a separate table – tea, coffee and rolls, - were reserved for Vanya.

Vanya recalled with concern that computers do not have devices for connecting external memory. It was answered that first you need to write a book, and then worry about the recording of a relevant information onto an external memory cards.

Vanya in the daytime was running on small errands a few days, and in the evenings he made entries on scraps of paper.

It's time to visit the Big Archive. Vanya gladly went into the room with computers. Even a cup of tea and one sweet bun are on a separate table.

Vanya checked the serviceability of the computer mouse. The cursor was moving across the screen.

The dreamy mood came.

Unexpectedly for himself Vanya wrote the fantastic essay about political system of the Republic.

The essay was of the approximately such content.

Comrade Friend, owing to his genius, understood that the political system of the Republic needs to move onto new rails.

The main credit resources were aimed at the development of space technologies and construction of a Lunar space base.

For achievement of public consensus the national referendum was undertaken.

According will of the people the Constitutional Assembly, which caused a lot of controversy, was dismissed. All volume of powers of representative collegial body returned into the Parliament (with the interim president at the head).

Two main political parties designed to replace regularly each other were created.

At the same time the term of office of the current President (that is, comrade Friend) was increased up to 25 years, but the amount of terms of office ("in a row") was  reduced to two.

Vanya remembered up how one of the important state authorities was planned to be moved on the  "disputable" (and actually they are not a "disputable") islands in other hemisphere (if suddenly they will depart in favor of the other state – together with this public authority "in one package"?). Later it was  decided to be limited to placement in the second capital.

This reminiscence inspired Vanya to a courageous creative thought. By results of a referendum, the parliament of the Republic had to be directed on the Lunar space base.

The post of President was retained for the Chairman of the Parliament – or after 25 or after 50 years period – as the people will say – he will have to replace the current President, that is, comrade Friend.

For a number of reasons the chairman of the parliament could arrive up to the Earth from the Moon rather seldom (considerable distance).

The Moon mission was interesting to all inhabitants of Earth. The chairman of the Parliament with triumph was visiting all countries of the world. Then he was returning to the Lunar base.

The Republic moved forward into the row of the states - the intellectual leaders of the planet.

Residents of the Republic made an economic expansion (an economic jump) into a powerful South-Eastern country.

Developing there a beauty contests and a cleaning enterprises, they changed the balance of foreign trade in favor of the Republic. It led to the overloading of the South-Eastern country with an external debts.

Some local free-thinking intellectuals came out to the main square of the South-Eastern country with the demand to take care of the preservation of sovereignty in the conditions of growth of external debt.

However, the intellectuals weren't successful, at all. They were sent onto the digital island. And the territory of this digital island was expanding rapidly … What for? It was not clear, yet … Representatives of the Republic quickly took in hand the main leverages of influence of the South-Eastern country  …

This was Revolution with "new energy" …

Comrade Friend, however, did not put on airs. He was simple and was close to the people …

Having completed the initial version of the fantastic essay, Vanya considered himself worthy to eat a sweet bun and drink a cup of tea.

An archive clerk came in. The working day is shortened. Archive is closed.

It was necessary to leave comfortable computers.

Vanya left the office-room. The clerk closed the room by a key and imperceptibly disappeared.

Vanya walked along the corridor out of curiosity. All the doors were closed.

He went outside.

There were still some small errands, to be executed.

Vanya ran through the city streets.

It was required to run past the official building belonging to the Republic.

Vanya from afar saw Alex, standing near the official building.

Alex was looking patiently in front of himself.

It turned out that the national intelligence service of the Republic analyzed a scientific and journalistic publications in the Northern country over the past day and identified the location of Vanya.

There was no sense in a "wasting" of the Vanya's intellectual potential.

It was entrusted to Alex to return Vanya.

Further everything was as usual.

After the short conversation with comrade Friend, the events entered a normal strip of movement.

The Vanya's intellectual results "were launching into a public circulation" - but with the benefit for the Republic.

Of course, all participants received the pieces from the intellectual pie made by Vanya, but now the share was received also by the Republic. And from the Republic Vanya received, too.

He comfortably continued to live in the estate at the sea coast, managing the local scientific organizations.

Vanya learned that in the Northern country a funding for the Academy  after new outstanding researches was resumed in triple volume. The Academy was put forward up to the fore point of the intellectual front owing to a number of outstanding proposals. Numerous initiatives were announced. Among the initiatives were: the construction of a space base on the Moon by the Republic, the holding of a referendum to achieve public agreement, the moving of the Parliament to the Lunar space base, the creation of a two-party system, the increasing the term of office of the President up to period of 30 years  (but with a limit on the number of terms of office "in a row" and with the obligatory removability of the highest official), the economic expansion (jump) of the Republic into the economy sphere of the South-Eastern country (with the transformation of the Republic into a creditor country)... All initiatives were integrated with the arctic, the hydrocarbon, the gas transmission projects. There were references to the important role of "a smart pipe", "wise trumpet".

Because of rough events in the Republic (when Vanya was wounded in the course of delivery of pizza) the award ceremony with the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was cancelled (in the current year).

But the situation with the Nobel Prize did not upset Vanya.

The financial position of the Republic sharply improved.

Comrade Friend organized a mass meeting and under enthusiastic exclamations of the people announced plans of reorganization of the capital on the principles of polycentrism.

On coast of the rivers (and them in the Republic quite enough), a new settlements – according to the creative progressive principles of architectural and urban policy will be organized.

The centralized systems of water - and power supply, the systems of city transport (including, the subway) will not be needed.

At the expense of the state, inhabitants of the Republic will be supplied free of charge not only grocery sets, but also means of individual transport (electroscooters, scooters, etc.) and also – means of local electricity generation (the emphasis will be placed on a solar batteries and other devices of individual use).

Banking and financial systems in their traditional sense will be replaced by the direct distribution of doubloons by the state among the citizens. The state will provide each citizen with a small strongbox (moneybox) for the accumulation and storage of gold coins.

Collectivos will receive small businesses, libraries, clubs, and the members of the home guard – weapons.

The new society and the new economy looked unusual. The new economy was much more environmentally friendly than the existing one.

Vanya has already started to write a book about the near future. Colleagues from the Academy of the Northern country will link the new initiatives of the Republic with Arctic, hydrocarbon, gas transportation projects.

“Revolution and progress!”

The Nobel prize will not escape from him!

Vanya decided to admire a sea. Pool, coffee, cigar, fruit.

His wife came up to the pool in a new bathing suit …Vanya with pleasure looked at the wife.

"Revolution and victory!"

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