The Story how Vanya Zhukov suggested The World Cit

The Story how Vanya Zhukov suggested "The World Citizenship" project for comrade Friend

Vanya ran along streets of the capital of the Latin American Republic. He not just was delivering pizza to customers. He was analyzing the current information.

Today he delivered a pizza to a respectable man, and a little later – to a young girl.  Both of these customers had tickets for the urgent departure from the territory of the Republic.

"What will they do abroad?" - Vanya reflected. – "If there was a world citizenship, a respectable man would have the right to visa-free entry into the territory of various countries (ideally – all countries of the world) for classes in local libraries." "And if there was a continental citizenship, then the girl could drive without visas in the territory of the countries of the continent and, as the volunteer, take part in archeological excavations". "Is it  difficult to create artificial islands for creation of sovereign territories? To place on them the administrations (created by the  world and the continental interstate organizations)?".  "Each continent has its own interstate organization. It is not so difficult to create a artificial island in international waters and form an administration." "Many humanitarian problems would be solved!”

At this time, near Vanya the car of comrade Friend stopped. Comrade Friend kindly invited Vanya  into the car:

- I'm going to the Island of free men! Our trip to the airport will take half an hour. I wait from you for the new, effective ideas!

- Certain countries face complex domestic political problems, - said Vanya. – In the case of the establishment of world and continental citizenship, the relevant administrations could give guarantees to political figures (guarantees of their personal integrity, guarantees of immunity from legal prosecution). This would make easier for politicians to leave the public scene. Many problems would be easier to solve.

At that moment, the phone rang.

Comrade Friend took the call:

- I welcome you, my brother … I now in the car … I go to the airport … I will fly towards the Island of freedom-loving people … I carry with myself the new fresh ideas – about world and continental citizenship … The adviser of our government stated me these ideas five seconds ago. He's right next to me in the car.…

It seemed to Vanya that he heard a gnashing on "another end" of the communication line … Then there was a long pause … Then again a gnashing …

Comrade Friend, just in case, increased the loudness. Now Vanya could hear the words of the Comrade Friend's interlocutor.

Vanya heard a voice of the great diplomat from the phone:

- “About what advisers and about what ideas from advisers you can speak? Any person of the Universe can open the electronic encyclopedia and learn that I am a creative person and that I am a poet. I created the anthem for diplomatic educational institution. One studentess heard and came to such delight that she, like Icarus, flew away…

As a poetic improvisation I will read for you my verses (I write verses in English):

Hello, brother!
We do not need another!
In the head of staff
Make a high-speed political draft!
Who are off away?
Whom’s are the 5G play and the round the world Great  pathway?

No consultants! Long live the Revolution!”

The conversation ended. Probably the great diplomat completed the conversation.

The words of the great diplomat about the fact that advisers should not be taken into account, did not seem delicate to Vanya. Tomorrow he, the great diplomat, will come onto some podium and will talk about the need for world and continental citizenship…

Suddenly again the phone bell was heard:

- “Yes... I forgot to tell you, my brother! Your adviser used our idea. He presented for you our idea as if his own one. This is our idea of common citizenship! We have promoted it and will continue to do so! Tomorrow I will make the report on world and continental citizenship at the session of the world organization…”

The great diplomat completed the conversation again.

Comrade Friend listened to the additional words of the great diplomat not attentively.

He gave orders by the second, third, fourth and fifth phone lines:

- To postpone a departure for the Island of free people!

- To coordinate the transfer of my visit to the Island of freedom-loving people for later term!

-  To gather 1950 generals in the Palace!

- To find and deliver to the palace of hypnotists and polygraphologists (operators of polygraphs) (with polygraphs)!

Between calls comrade Friend ordered the driver and the chief of security officers  to come back to the Palace.

"After all, he is a really creative person! A Poet!"- with respect thought Vanya about great diplomat. – "A short poem and – what a turn of events!""Hello, brother!" "We do not need another!" "In the head of staff\\Make a high-speed political draft!" – "That's understandable, more or less".  "Who are off away?" - "Who leaves?" "Whom’s are the 5G play and the round the world Great  pathway? - "Whose 5G game and the great pathway around the world?". "All this is a vague set of creative images! And what a turn of events!"

Meanwhile, comrade Friend was thinking out loud:

- My colleague correctly said that democracy depends on two thousand generals!

- Why are You  inviting only 1950? – Vanya asked to clarify.

- Someone has to remain at command posts?

Comrade Friend was fond of the idea:

- It is necessary to penetrate into the subconscious of each General. To get from there all the most valuable, creative, and on the basis of the received ideas to create the Great Plan of Transformations!

- Why do you need to get ideas from the generals?

- First of all, they are people with education and knowledge. Secondly, it's time to apply the rule: "Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee." Generals unite the intelligence and the ability to attack.

The phone, through which earlier two times the voice of great diplomat spoke was free for some time..

Comrade Friend took this phone and gave the order:

- To assemble tomorrow a Grand rally! The people will learn about the Great Plan of Transformation!

The car raced through the city towards the Palace:

- Magnificent, useful trip! – comrade Friend looked perfectly and was most vigorous. – Thanks!

Comrade Friend asked the driver to stop the car as close as possible to the cafe where Vanya worked.

- Thank you! – Comrade Friend shook hands with Vanya. – Revolution and intellect!

- The Republic and the Great Plan of Transformation!

Vanya quickly walked towards the cafe.

He felt that he had become a participant in historical events…

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ как Ваня Жуков выдвинул товарищу Другу идею о мировом гражданстве”.