Girl in a straw hat

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Alexey, a middle-aged man of sporty appearance, carrying a backpack and bag, walked vigorously to the suburban ticket offices of the provincial "capital". His cousin Yevgeny followed him: she came to visit his family from another town: her husband drank and often beat her and she had no friends. Brother's family was glad to meet her. It was Saturday, the beginning of August, and on this bright day they were going to the country.

Alexey walked quickly, slightly limping on his left leg. As always in the summer on a weekend, and this morning, after eight o'clock in the morning and after the arrival of the train from Moscow, the station square and its platform was full of people: the townspeople went to the country house and made two tails to the ticket booths. And also the people with carts and bags went from the platform to a taxi or just to a bus stop.

Alexey saw "right on the course” a charming young stranger. Involuntarily, he kept her eyes on her. She was short and slim, seemingly a little over twenty years old. The eyes were smart, almond-shaped. There was big bag on the ground. Alexey realized that she had just arrived from Moscow. She looked stylish thanks to a straw hat.

Alexey bought the tickets, and he and Zhenya went to the train, took places opposite each other. The people approached, got into the car or moved on. The place next to him was vacant. Shortly before departure, he saw a pretty stranger in the car. She walked down the aisle in his direction,to the end of the car. Approaching him, she asked if the place was free, and he said yes. She sat down next. Let's call her Julia.

For decency, Julia was silent for just a minute, and then she "bombarded" with the most important questions: if is there a toilet in the train and about the time of when arriving in the Strugi Krasnye. He told that there are two toilets in the electric train and about schedule in the car. Julia said that after the station, she had to get to the village on the distance of 40 kilometers, and if case of the bus, she will need 4 hours to get there. Therefore, she wants to take a taxi (and what are your taxi prices here?). And she added with a smile that she is from Moscow where she works in the office, and now she goes to the village with a funny name Sikovitsy (she smiled when calling as sicat' means to urinate) where her mom is waiting for her and the mom has bought the cottage. Julia asked about the weather and was surprised that it was cool and no heat as in Moscow.

Alexey answered calmly her questions, trying not to ask too much. As the summer rest in the village without bathing is impossible, he asked about the river in the village, and Yulya answered that there was a river called Lyuta. But because of many cold flows nobody bathes in it: everyone goes to the lakes, which are abundant.

Alexey tried not to look at her, because (he would have to confess!) he was embarrassed by her. There was an important reason! She was pretty: light shorts opened her tanned slender hips, and a dark T-shirt emphasized her small high breasts.

The train slowed down at the platform where Alexey and Zhenya had to go out. He wished Yulia to get there successfully (do not take the taxi of a driver is alone, only if there is a married couple! She nodded knowingly). Slowly, they descended and walked along the path, knocking down dew on the grass.

Alexey walked and thought that he was living for a long time, and that every day must have some meaning. You need to learn something and be kind to people.
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Written in Russian in August-September 2016
Translated into English in May 2019.