The Short Story of the reflections of Vanya Zhukov

The Short Story of the reflections of Vanya Zhukov about sea expeditions and about swimming in the pool

Vanya Zhukov along the streets of the capital of the Latin American Republic runs, carries pizza for customers.

At the same time he reflects on the international maritime law, on the culture of a distant sea floatings:

"History knows the glorious  famous sea voyages of the Vikings. History knows about the large military fleets of antiquity. However, the culture of modern long-distance navigation originates in the activities of Henry the Navigator, in the historical voyages of Columbus and Magellan, in the achievements of Portuguese sailors who opened the sea route around Africa to India..."

At this point, the car stops next to Vanya. Comrade Friend greets him, kindly invites him into the car and offers:

- I ask you to briefly state your views on the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea  (ITLOS)!

Vanya began to develop the idea of the interconnection of a modern international maritime law, modern international maritime traditions, modern culture of navigation with the achievements of Henry the Navigator, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama..., of Columbus, of Magellan, del Cano, de Espinosa ... At that moment a phone rang.

Comrade Friend said “Hello” and speaks in a  phone tube:

"My adviser and I are discussing at this moment the question of long sea voyages, international maritime law and the Tribunal. I switch on the loudspeaker.

There was a pause. Vanya thought he heard the grinding of the great diplomat's teeth.

After a pause, the great diplomat said, at last:

"Does this adviser know how many famous diplomats I've outlived?"

Vanya remembered how the great diplomat proposed to determine under what thimble is a little gold ball. It's not easy to do ... Someone will  claim that it’s impossible...

Vanya diplomatically says:

- One Ambassador swam in the pool (at the Embassy) and drowned! ("This is according the information of the TV channel «Al Arabiya»", - Vanya added just in case).

The great diplomat on other end of phone line answered nothing these words of Vanya and hung up.

Vanya presumptuously suggested that he managed to complete in a draw the "thimbles"  ...

Comrade Friend with interest looked at Vanya:

- I thank you for your opinion! Revolution and international law!

- International law and Tribunal!

The car stopped in the place, coordinated with Vanya, and Vanya continued a delivery of pizza.

"What a man!"- thought Vanya about the great diplomat. - "He survived many famous diplomats! And what great diplomatic achievements he has!..."

"A flour for pizza come from where?" - Vanya moved on to a new thought. - "There is an opinion that there was once an effective agriculture in the Republic. Then something like "collectivization" followed. And now agriculture is almost gone..."

Vanya quickened his pace. While there is a pizza, it is necessary to manage to execute all the orders...

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Translation from Russian into English: May 8, 2019 22:26.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Рассказ о размышлениях Вани Жукова о морских походах и о плавании в бассейне».