The Sketch about the thrusters of the Russian cult

The Sketch about the thrusters of the Russian culture (the Civil war – the Novocherkassk events – the Caribbean Crisis - a modern era)

Would you like to read the material titled "The Russian Actresses Who Got to Cinema through a Bed"?

Today Hodchenkova came to memory. Not she, in personal quality, and her rank of "deserved".

Why she was remembered up? Perhaps, the thought came through association from Stanislav Govorukhin. He did not forget that his father was a Cossack, and not just a Cossack, but a Cossack repressed.

If you remember at the right time and in the right place, then, given the huge moral authority of the Cossacks in Russia and in the world, the desired effect turns out.

Naturally, Stanislav Govorukhin was a great cultural figure. Soon the monument to Colonel Vasily Mihailovich Tchernetzov and many other outstanding Cossacks will be put. He, Tchernetzov, opposed those who supported the peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk .. ("Peace conference" began in December 1917). It was not so easy to be "against"... What one person can do against millions... But if we talk hypothetically, without the peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, there would be no union of Soviet Russia with the pre-Hitler Germany.  It is quite possible that in Europe the situation was (may be) a more quiet, a more harmonious …

In General, I say "thanks" Govorukhin, becouse of he remembered about his origins not only in the most responsible situations, but and in other periods time.

"Thanks" to him - for his efforts about the monument to Colonel Tchernetzov. The monument will be created (very soon) in a place of honor (there is, like, a monument in a private Museum – but ... a very noisy scandal was boiling ...).

(Only it is not necessary "to flog" about the grandfather who fought against … Well, not against …, but against "his" son …). We watched different films … A "grandfathers", whether you know, a different  ones exist…

Anyway, I pressed corresponding "button".

Error message. There is no such page! And why you offer? Do you study demand? Analysis of interests?

An obstinacy began to speak. I introduced the name of article in a search box, and found the same (probably) the publication, but on other website.

I read. Not bad photos. The text, of course, is constructed on guesses. But not the all. In some circumstances a process reached indisputable events …

Most interesting - comments. Partly people scoff. "We such [an actors] do not know!" "They acted in some, any  movies?"

In something I understand these commentators … I  know about active career of an actors at a sphere of cinema production from some articles in Wikipedia … I do not watch movies … Whether people, public, these movies watch? Watch - do not watch …  There is a movie – there is "a financial occasion" …

One companion works as the slave on galleys, provides a cosiness … makes a financing for movies … The next tranche – 150 million (rubles …).

If  the monument to Tchernetzov not exists,  then hang noodles on the ears about what was done with his (Tchernetzov's) countrymen after the period of 44 years … 

Dear Nikita Sergeyevich felt  a confidence of the reliability of his assistants after the "experiment" with peaceful Novocherkassk population.

After these events, it was possible to use them in a larger case – in the Caribbean crisis (Novocherkassk, nevertheless, for a large person – is not enough the scale). 

Relations with the civilizational ally of Russia (with the United States) were spoiled till a long time perspective and in the most convincing way (There are people on the globe who need help... They so explain … And Russia exists for what purposes ? Not everyone, of course, eat well – in Novocherkassk, for example, not everyone was happy... But there are reliable people...).

After Novocherkassk, a confidence will come, and it will be possible to rise through a many levels upwards - so that not the population of the city or an area will "feel", but all population of all the country ... and will "feel" "joy" not a one day, - and more considerable historical period …

The main thing that Vladimir Rostislavovich would not close something…

Especially it is necessary to protect culture and history …

May 9, 2019 22:30

Translation from Russian into English: May 10, 2019 11:10.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о двигателях российской культуры (Гражданская война – Новочеркасские события – Карибский кризис - современная эпоха)”.