The Monologue about Sergey Dorenko

The Monologue about Sergey Dorenko

The Internet is crowded with messages about Sergey Dorenko.

At first I tried not to pay attention to such abundance of messages. However the wave was persistent.

I tried to remember up Sergey Dorenko. A known figure. But only a stone glance of eyes of the person out off the TV was remembered up.

Maybe he had some interesting thoughts, ideas? Nothing comes to memory.…

I tried to approach a theme from a logical point of view. How, in General, a journalist can  "become a famous person"?

Theoretically, it is possible that a journalist can become famous with some outstanding idea. It is difficult to find an example of such an idea. But, to illustrate, I remember the Russian revolutionaries of the early 20th century. All of them (many) were media workers, editors, journalists... let's Take a well-known example: one of them says "Autonomous republics", "autonomization", and the other insists on "union republics", on the right (possibility) of free exit from the Union state. Ideas? Yes, the ideas…

A journalist can become famous with some kind of investigation.

A journalist can become famous with qualified coverage of a complex topic.

The journalist can become famous with the accurate forecast (it seems that Mark Aldanov foresaw a lot about Hitler's regime...).

Khashoggi became famous for... With a what? For example, with relative fearlessness and the relative intransigence…

The German journalist became famous with articles about Syria, but this glory is peculiar.

Was Churchill a journalist? Probably, Yes – for a certain period of time.

What was he famous for as a journalist? With reports about some local conflicts. Perhaps it is correct to say that he became famous for his fearlessness, and efficiency in giving exclusive information to the General public.

Generally, in the European tradition (of the early 20th century?) ability to write (to write for newspapers), to "come" to the post of "journalist", "leave" it, to come back (later)…

Many American presidents wrote a lot and actively…

What, for example, did Jack London and Theodore Dreiser write about? For example, that there are people of physical labor, "ordinary people", that the state should to take care of these people ...

Apparently, effective journalistic work includes a significant share of politics, and politics involves some worldview, some consistent actions, perhaps some success…

(By the way, Soviet military journalists of the period 1941-1945 were successful people. They moved up to a positive goal and achieved it).

About Dorenko nothing I could not remember (except a fixed look out off a TV).

The next stage was – the reading some articles from the Internet about Dorenko.

"For Russian journalism Dorenko was first a “killer”, then a hero, later a God, said in an interview with "Izvestia" the head of the Fund "Petersburg policy" Mikhail Vinogradov.

— In the late nineties — when he was the “killer”, in fact, the best showman capable to sell to the viewers political information. And if not one of architects of future imperious design of "zero years", then he is the participant of creation of this building — he told. — The hero — during the events around “Kursk” [military submarine], strange attempts of repressions (around the “same” motorcycle) and search of the intonation in "zero years". God — when showed ability to think out new formats and to become the best in them.

As a result, aged, when many undergo creative crisis or decline, the journalist came to the maximum professional peak ..., the political scientist noted." 

These words raise the topic to a high level!

Did I miss something?

I open the Wikipedia, the article about Sergey Dorenko.

I am reading. I'm surprised. Why I'm surprised? If biographical information is compactly collected in one article, then the reader see a pretty, positive, in General, personality.

And education is not bad, and he worked a lot (Angola, of course...), and he have seen a lot, and he managed to remain a relatively independent, autonomous person…

Why I don't manage to remember something about him? Perhaps, because in 1917 Russia "left" Europe? And  goes … goes …  Slightly returned in Europe during the 30 - 40 of 20th century (not for a long time)… And if there is no correct understanding of and the prospects of development, then there is no normal policy also … And if there is no normal policy, then there is no normal outlook also … And where to look for successful journalism?

Sergey Dorenko in the summer of 1991 wrote about the Novoogaryovsky process. Perhaps the ideas were ?... Well, not the level of "autonomization"  - "the right of a free exit off the Union" … Probably, were …...

In political party he was a member. He hoped for political career? Something was not achieved  …

The grandson of the Romanian Doresco respected  Wikipedia …

May 10, 2019 14:50.

Translation from Russian into English: May 11, 2019 09:48.
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