The Story of how Vanya Zhukov expressed opinion on

The Story of how Vanya Zhukov expressed opinion on the North African generalissimo

Vanya Zhukov ran on streets of the capital of the Latin American republic. He was delivering pizza.

A car stopped next to Vanya. Comrade Friend kindly invited Vanya into the car and offered:

- State Your opinion about the North African Generalissimo! I have a few spare minutes.

- The term "Generalissimo" in this situation is very conditional - Vanya diplomatically said.  - There is a territory without society and without economy - in the European understanding of these words. Around a certain volume of oil resources vigorous people were grouped. Naturally, they need every day money, arms (ammunition), food. There is a Northern country that is ready to provide support in one way or another. What is the scope of this support? How long will this support be available? In the northernmost country there is a drop in the birth rate, significant emigration processes are visible. But there are huge Asian reserves. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly,  during what period and to what extent this support will be provided. One thing is clear: the North African Generalissimo is a funded project. Those who will approve it or in some form join it, those also have a real opportunity to get noticeable money. So I recommend to treat this project positively.

Comrade Friend was silent.

Vanya just in case added:

- If You invite a fortune-teller, she will see in this whole situation also a large South-Eastern country...

Suddenly the phone rang.

Comrade Friend picked up the phone:

- We with my Advisor are discussing this topic!... He's close... in the car...  I switch on a speakerphone.

At first there was silence. Then the voice of the great diplomat said:

- Your Advisor's place is next to the trash cans. And don't let him forget to wear rubber Slippers. I and the Chairman of the literary Association will support him in his literary endeavors!

The great diplomat hung up.

- Thanks! Your opinion is useful! Revolution and North Africa!

- North Africa and financial aid.

The car of Comrade Friend stopped in the place coordinated with Vanya.

Vanya continued to deliver pizza.

"What an intuition!" - Vanya thought of the great diplomat. - "He feels when we talk with Comrade Friend." "And what sensitivity! "And what delicacy! No threats or hints of repression!""Immediately and directly says about the intention to exert support!..."

In the evening Vanya sat down in a chair near the pool. Coffee, cigar, fruit.

"Affairs go on a harmony! Sometimes in the capital of the republic electricity appears! There is practically no agriculture, but flour for pizza - is. In the neighboring country stopped printing Republic currency, but in unlimited volume new, freshly printed banknotes appear... More and more dissatisfied people leaves the country... No repression. Who want - he sit in rubber Slippers near garbage cans. If you wish, go abroad..."

Vanya's wife came up to the pool in a new bathing suit.

Vanya looked at his wife with pleasure.

"Revolution and victory!"

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Translation from Russian into English: May 11, 2019 20:59.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский  “Рассказ как Ваня Жуков высказал мнение о северо-африканском генералиссимусе”.