The Sketch about reflections of the Internet user

The Sketch about reflections of the Internet user regarding Kuril Islands

Today, the radio reported a next part of news about the Kuril Islands. It seems to be, it seemed, all stalled. Almost drew, painted a cross on belly. Turns out not. Something moved.

New negotiation. Commissions. Discussions...

The Internet user just in case looked news on the Internet. If he not correctly heard something.

Indeed, negotiations. Negotiations on a peace Treaty.

"Deftly it turns out!"- thinks the Internet user. - "What negotiations? On the conclusion of a peace Treaty! But this is - if you read, using the diplomatic language-type 1. And if you read with the diplomatic language-type 2, it is negotiations on the possible transfer of some Islands (or Island) from Russia to Japan."  "Dexterously it turns out!"

But the Internet user does not believe himself: "I not correctly understand something! What can be transfer of the island or islands?" "Yes spoke! Nearly the cross on a paunch was drawn, painted..." "What was told?..."

The user and so, and that way trying to approach  a theme ... As examination cards in a educational institution... That is, not cards, but answers... Sheets of paper. The clean surface. And under them answers (can be). Only how to guess under what leaf the answer is? Especially if these leaves someone periodically moves, changes places, like a playing cards on a desk...

For example, in the work of US diplomacy, there is a practice of publishing declarations of highest officials on fundamental issues of foreign policy. "We declare openly and unambiguously..."

"Somewhere, in some official binding document stated that no island will be transferred in favor of Japan from Russia?""It seems, I do not remember such a document?"

"In General, such a troublesome thing!""Japan is a business country... What is she wasting her time for?"

"For her this negotiations - a sure, a win-win thing. Who participates in negotiations? Officials. To them, anyway, salary is paid. If negotiations are completed with nothing - that what loss? And if come to the end with success, then what plus? A plus - historical! It is possible to speak about potential success long and a lot of..."

"And Russia - why she is spending time? If the negotiations end with the transfer of the island or Islands, that is, a certain loss in this option (about this potential loss it possible to speak for a long time and a lot)..."

"But what's the plus?!" The Internet user wanted to scratch his ear, but changed his mind ... "What are the historical examples that one country to another transferred part of the territory?""If we talk about the previous 100 years, the transfer of territories was carried out either under threat of force or as a result of war?" "And the transfer of the Panama canal zone and the canal itself from the US to Panama (31 December 1999)? It was voluntary!... But this case somehow up to the history of the Islands is not very suitable..."

"Some clear, understandable examples that would help to understand what Russia receives in the case of the transfer of the island or Islands - are not, no."

("Macau? Hong Kong?") ("The phenomenon of historical resonance in development?»)

The Internet user wanted to wrinkle his forehead for an intellectual effort, but changed his mind ...

"Lavrov expressed hope that the new era of the Rave, which came with the accession to the throne of Emperor Naruhito, will be favorable for relations with Moscow."

"Minister "has his finger on the pulse"..."..

May 10, 2019 23:24

Translation from Russian into English: May 11, 2019 09:00.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о размышлениях интернет-пользователя насчет Курил”.