The Sketch of how Sergey Sergeyevich read Medinsky

The Sketch of how Sergey Sergeyevich read  Medinsky

A couple of days ago, Sergei Sergeyevich read an article on the engines of Russian culture on the Internet. But in this article nothing was said about the "designers" those engines.

("The national book market is destroyed …  The principle of stability of the right of a private property is eroded, imperceptibly , (at the same time "certificates" were cancelled  - not to wave them and not to irritate, not to worry) …  The effective (centuries-old) forest service - a foresters - were liquidated...  Such traditional Russian phenomenon as "a dacha life" is destroying – slowly but confidently  … What a new is in the cinema sphere?...)

And here on the Internet article "Vladimir Medinsky about Prospects and Factors of Success of the Russian Cinema" appeared. The reader hopes to find a surname of the author … But it is necessary to understand so that the author is a Vladimir Medinsky. Why then he appears in the third party? Why there is no clear announcement of authorship? It is possible to reflect, if you know the biography of mister Medinsky …

What a different editions write, what they pay attention to?

"For this reason, I admit, the Ministry of Culture with special care and with a special priority since 2012 stimulated movies on Heroic-Historical theme ... We were convinced that it is a safe trump which will return the viewer to domestic cinema, will give a powerful impulse to creative development of the industry. Not to mention enormous value of indisputable examples of culture and history in civil education. Our historical heritage is a most powerful motor, even "perpetual motion machine" of improvement and spiritual self-reproduction of the Russian culture in the broadest sense."

Also Hollywood is mentioned.

"And it is very important to note: our cinema shows record levels in the conditions of unprecedentedly fierce market competition with "global Hollywood" which was not in Soviet period."

Sergey Sergeyevich just in case looked what is Hollywood …

"Hollywood … the district of Los Angeles … in the State of California. Traditionally Hollywood is associated with the American film industry …" (Wikipedia).

"Good Hollywood, or – not very good, but he functions on private money", - Sergey Sergeyevich reflects.

What is written by dear mister Medinsky about money?

"Of course, there is the state support to domestic cinema — both financial, and administrative, and political. It gives the effect. But neither the Ministry of Culture, nor Fund of cinema shoot films. Money and preferences can help the film industry, but cannot replace good cinema which the viewer with own eyes sees on the screen."

Sergey is very happy. Now he will look more closely at the figures, which occupies a very significant place in the article, and he find out what are the budget expenses for this "Ministerial quasi-Hollywood".

Sergey Sergeyevich is looking for data on costs, but can not find…

What for a secret?

But the count of Monte Cristo was also a very mysterious man…

Sergei Sergeevich has sighed and began to read other materials.

Message: "may 13, 00:24
Austrian President: Austrians remember the Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of the country

Alexander Van der Bellen reminded that during the  liberation of Austria from national socialism 100 thousand Soviet soldiers died".

Sergei Sergeyevich begins to remember the Habsburg (Austria-Hungary) monarchy. One of the "eternal" States of Europe, the country with a humanistic, great culture.

Even if we take into account that in 1917 Russia decided to find its own way, different - from the road of all the Europe, even this circumstance can not cancel the mutual respect and mutual attraction of Russia and Europe…

Sergey Sergeyevich looked into the book  "The Crimean war" by Yevgeny Tarle.

"Austria, so necessary to Nicholas for a successful struggle against revolutionary movements and even just progressive aspirations throughout Europe, with a "hostile eye" looked at any Russian attempts to establish at least only a cultural connection with the Balkan Slavs, fearing deep penetration Russia, which threatened the integrity of the Habsburg power. But after 1848-1849 it was already represented to Nicholas that especially it is not necessary to reckon with Austria and its moods and counteraction.» 

"Danger threatened from three sides, from the three powers, which certainly had to stand in the way of Russian diplomacy, as soon as the nature of the tsar's intentions regarding Turkey would clear - from England, France and Austria. But Nicholas ... quite deliberately ceased to take into account France and Austria and convinced himself that ... he should only amicably collude with England, to agree to compensation ... at the expense of the possessions of the same Turkey, and then neither France nor Austria and no one in Europe ... would oppose the agreement between the most powerful land power with the strongest power of the sea.

In this calculation there were three irreparable errors: about England, about France and about Austria.»

"The failure of calculations and hopes of the tsar and Nesselrode for Austria was the most unexpected and therefore extremely painfully endured. Whether long ago the Austrian field marshal Kaboga entreated the prince Paskevich, begging him to save Austria from full death? Whether ... the young emperor Franz Joseph, begging for the help against the Hungarian revolution, publicly, at a state reception in Warsaw, having bent..., kissed the tsar's hand?"

"... The silliest of the Russian sovereigns, - added his majesty [Nikolay the First], - I, because I helped the Austrians to suppress the Hungarian revolt."

"What follows from this historical example?" - Sergey Sergeyevich reflected further.

From this example it follows that during the "Hungarian campaign" in 1849, and during the Crimean war (1853-1856), Russian soldiers showed heroism…

But, at the same time, it follows from this example that the "priority" of "heroic-historical themes" is four words. And how, in practice,   these words will turn – the big question…

"Naturally, and the person untalented can create at a certain combination of circumstances something deserving attention …

It is clear, what into the sphere of cinematography – is possible – "new", "capable" people can to slip, to infiltrate (though to make this - oh! - as not a simple … From whom permission to receive?)...

It is obvious that the more a state (and a non-state) funds are pumping into an advertising of films, the more people are visiting a cinemas ... Advertising does its job... (What volume, by the way, of the expenses on an advertising of films?... Not a dusty way to feed a loyal...).»

So about what dear sir Medinsky reported to us?

The first, he confirmed that "our" culture has if not "motors", then the motor.

The second, he creatively developed a concept of the motor, having stated about "perpetual motion machine".

"Our historical heritage is a most powerful motor, even "perpetual motion machine" of improvement and spiritual self-reproduction of the Russian culture in the broadest sense."

"Interestingly, Sergey Sergeyevich thought. – Mister Medinsky includes himself in the concept "historical heritage"? Let's say the count Nesselrode (whatever his value, usefulness) – anyway consist in number (in the list) Ministers of Foreign Affairs … Who appointed it? Nicholas The First…"

Sergey Sergeyevich just in case glanced in the file under the name "The Film Industry of Russia" (Sedykh I.A. - author).

"In 2016, according to the Ministry of culture, the total amount of funds allocated to support the Russian film industry, amounted to RUB 7.2 billion, including 4.3 billion rubles were transferred to the film Fund, nearly 2 billion rubles were aimed at filmmaking, and about 1 billion roubles were allocated for the hire and promotion of Russian cinema in Russia and abroad. A total of 95 feature films, 205 non-fiction films and 170 animated films were produced in 2016 with the General support of the Ministry of culture and the film Foundation.» 

(470 movies, - Sergey Sergeyevich notices … - If to appoint the special person, then he (that to look everything within a year) needs to watch 1.28 movies a day. It for salary. And the "ordinary" person can be tired … Why to him it?... And whether somebody watches them, really?... Someone, perhaps, looks, watches, let and not all 470 …).
On "promotion" 1 billion rubles... Not bad…

There are 6.2 billion, still ... Not small... Able to benefit a decent person…

Are there any financial returns from them?...

Somehow it is impossible to Sergey Sergeyevich to find data on "cost efficiency" of the state costs of cinema … Of course, the profitability is not always the main task … But nevertheless it is interesting …

It is possible to assume that different people shoot different films, using a funds of different owners …

"… in 2016 the collectings of  the Russian movies made 8.6 billion rubles"

"It, it is necessary to understand so, that collectings from all-all films, shot with a support of a different funds … From this collecting 50% it is deducted to movie theaters … There are 4.3 billion as a commercial revenue?..."

"All these figures do not give a clear picture: how much was spent, from what sources the money was received to cover the costs, what is the amount of revenue…»

"Still, there is a feeling that with the proceeds from the  films – not just…»

"And the state money is very useful…»

"There is a billion for purpose of the "promotion". "So... There is an opportunity to make imitation and hype?." "How much imitation and hype, and how much – something of real, positive?..." "The increase in the cultural level of the population is evident from a regular news…"

"However, the attractiveness of potential, beginners and acting Actresses is an obvious factor. It cannot be called into question…»

"There are engines of Russian culture!" They exist!.."

"And without public money, maybe not very useful... But with public money - not everything is clear…»

"It's good to be the count of Monte Cristo…»

Sergei Sergeevich turned off computer and decided to listen to the music of Mozart…

May 13, 2019 11:50

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