The Brouillon of the Story about how Ivan Ivanovic

The Brouillon of the Story about how Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich

Nikolai Gogol after travels across Europe came to the native land to visit relatives.

Naturally, in plans at him an active creative work. The native edges promoted literary talents. Nikolai Gogol, being a little boy, started a career of the writer in the homeland  - wrote several lines and read to sisters.

Gogol arrived home, took a walk in a field, lay on a grass, looked at the sky, then ate vareniki, drifted for a while on a raft on a pond and decided to go in a local shop to buy a new pencil.

Gogol is walking across the settlement and hears how one of locals, - Ivan Ivanovich, asks the neighbor - Ivan Nikiforovich:

- Ivan Nikiforovich, I am your old neighbor and the friend. Present me your winchester!

In reply - no sound..

Ivan Ivanovich asks again:

- Ivan Nikiforovich! Remember how I treated you with watermelon! If you do not want to present to me the mannlicher, then give me him for a while. I on a wall will hang up him, near a sword and guns. I will admire him. There will pass time, I will return it to you!

Ivan Nikiforovich answers nothing.

Ivan Ivanovich changes the offer:

- Ivan Nikiforovich! Let's exchange! You for me - your musket, and I give you the brown pig, which I fattened ... A nice pig!..

— Gorpina! — Ivan Nikiforovich cried — bring to Ivan Ivanovich vodka and of sour cream pies.

Ivan Ivanovich drank a glass and has a snack on sour cream pie.

— Listen, Ivan Nikiforovich. I will give you, except the pig, two more bags of oats, you did not sow some oats. This year all the same you will need to buy oats.

Ivan Nikiforovich answers nothing.

- Then let I purchase at you your Enfield.

The answer is not heard.

— Tell, please, Ivan Nikiforovich, I all about a ruzhyyo [shotgun]: what will you with it do? it is not necessary for you.

— Allow, Ivan Ivanovich; a ruzhyyo a thing a noble, most curious entertainment, besides and ornament in the room pleasant …

 — You, Ivan Nikiforovich, are so carrying with the ruzhyyo as the simpleton with a hand-written feed bag — Ivan Ivanovich told with disappointment because he really began to become angry already.

 — And you, Ivan Ivanovich, real gander. Yes what you, really, are waving your hands, Ivan Ivanovich? — Hey, woman, boy! Take Ivan Ivanovich by hands and escort him up doors!

The door slapped, with squeal began to wheeze and was opened again.

Ivan Ivanovich did not look back any more and flew from the yard.

Gogol felt that the plot asks to be written down on paper:

- Long ago I did not take in hand a matita.

Gogol took a pencil, the sheet of paper and wrote the draft of the story how Ivan Ivanovich with Ivan Nikiforovich quarreled.

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Драфт повести о том, как поссорился Иван Иванович с Иваном Никифоровичем”.