The Monologue about the direction of the wind

The Monologue about the direction of the wind

What was the name of the head of the Rostov region, whom a position, post was called, I think, "Chairman of the Region Executive Committee"? If to strain, then, perhaps, will emerge …

Then, if I correctly remember, Vladimir Fedorovich Chub "came".

The change of power, as I understand it, took place in 1991. Time was restless, in mass media there were so many various materials that even it was difficult to read them.

In a word, all were keen on the Moscow events. For Rostov there was not enough both a place, and time in media space.

Quite another situation was, when Vladimir Fedorovich was replaced.

The procedure, if I remember correctly, was a such. The Highest Official makes a choice from a three candidates.

And at some point it became known that among the three candidates there is no name of Vladimir Fedorovich.

How was this known? Personally, I learned from the Federal media.

It was very interesting to watch the coverage of the situation by "local" media. That is, personally I had a feeling that there was no lighting. As if ... no one believed in this news - that the name of Chub is not among the three candidates. – This I personally had the feeling.

And if no one believes, then what sense about this something to speak or write.

I don't watch local events. Apparently, some electoral events are suitable.

And I meet (today) an amazing article. Elena Romanova "Yury Slyusar is a son of "the red director" of legendary Rostvertol". (Елена Романова «Юрий Слюсарь - сын "красного директора" легендарного "Роствертола").

Why "amazing"? Such a term is applicable, since it is possible to compare the amicable silence in the period of "three candidates" with the smartness and vigor of the article signed by Elena Romanova.

Here and estimates, and a small historical investigation, and some generalizations…

What's it? A coincidence? A "law" of events? Is it the development of civil society and journalism? Is it the result of a magnetic storm? What's the meaning of that?!!

Where does the wind come from?

May 15, 2019 14:12

Translation from Russian into English: May 15, 2019 15:01.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Монолог насчет направления ветра”.