The Story about the interest in the events in Vene

The Story about the interest in the events in Venezuela in the morning on May 15, 2019

1. Political and diplomatic context


MAY 15, 02:19

Media: Sudan Military Council and opposition agreed on a three-year transition period
According to al Arabiya, the agreements will be made within 24 hours

TASS, may 15. The Sudan military Council and representatives of the Alliance For freedom and change have agreed to establish a three-year transition period in the country. This was reported on Wednesday by the TV channel Al Arabiya, quoting the statement of the Military Council.

The military authorities of the country also reported that an agreement was reached with the opposition on the formation of a legislative Council consisting of 300 people. According to the statement, the military "will finalize the agreement with the Alliance within the next 24 hours."

On 11 April, after months of protests in the face of the dire economic situation in the country, the army removed President Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled for 30 years in the Sudan, from power and took control of the state, creating an interim Military Council, dissolving Parliament and suspending the


MAY 14, 22:01Обновлено 23:24

UN security Council held closed consultations on Venezuela for the first time

The meeting was convened on the initiative of Europeans

UN, 14 may. /Corr. Maria Khrenova TASS/. The UN security Council held on Tuesday the first closed consultations on the situation in the country since the coup attempt in Venezuela. This was reported by TASS first Deputy of Russia's permanent representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky.

"The meeting was convened at the initiative of the Europeans, primarily, the representatives of France, who wanted to talk about the results of the meeting of the contact group [on the settlement of the crisis in Venezuela] held on may 6-7," - he said. – “It is important that it not one of those meetings which was convoked by Americans to give any public message. A qualitatively new point was that it was not a PR event, but a frank discussion.”

"The Europeans informed about the plans to send a political mission to Caracas and said they were ready to cooperate with regional organizations to provide mediation assistance," he continued.

"The positive moment was that it was not "play for public", here - that is called - the conversation was "in family", we always support this format", - the Deputy Ambassador explained.

Russian position

(...) There were no repeated attempts on the part of the United States to reiterate the illegitimacy of Venezuela's permanent representative to the UN ... "the United States did not take any steps to submit a relevant resolution to the General Assembly," Polyansky said. (...)”

May 15, 2019 08:53

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ об интересе к событиям в Венесуэле утром 15 мая 2019 года”.