The Sketch how to make a dacha life inaccessible t

The Sketch how to make a dacha life inaccessible to the "ordinary" people

In the information environment some warming is observed.

And readers of Internet publications learn how a rest, a green plants (flowers) and fresh air are guaranteed.

In in olden times a dacha residents (summer residents) received all this in a complex. They came to the dachas, walked, planted any gladioluses and enjoyed silence.

But, you understand, there are people who need all the above-mentioned. But in addition to this (above-mentioned) also money is necessary for them.

Therefore they exempt the bulk of the population from a dacha life. And they receive money and live in silence, rest and among florets.

Internet publications report to us about the mansions fenced with enormous fences and which are under observation (of a security guard).

About some mansions say that locals ceased to walk the respective streets to exclude contacts with security. And what? Quietly, fresh air...

Quite another matter - "ordinary" people...

Somehow absolutely unexpectedly and without motivation, clear to most of the population, the law, where into the title was a word "dacha", "evaporated". Now there are "gardeners" and "vegetable gardeners" ("kitchen gardeners").

The most impressionable people can see something Asian in "gardeners" and "vegetable gardeners". This exaggeration, but nevertheless ...

"Gardeners" and "vegetable gardeners" "do not rest", they "work" at the earth. And between rest and work there is some difference. Just as there is a difference between a "city dwellers" and a "dacha resident" ("summer resident"). These are semantic shades, but nevertheless - sensitive. That you hear: silence or noise? That you see: florets or asphalt? Than you breathe: exhausts of cars or fresh air?

You will tell: it is necessary to be simpler! It is necessary to be closer to "ordinary" people!.

I not against, it is valid: how many people live, listening to noise, seeing asphalt and breathing exhausts?

But a human ... he - partly - lives in hope.

A "city dwellers", a lot of them,  dream of a dacha life, and at combination of circumstances move to the dacha. On the contrary, certain "dacha residents",  sometimes become "city dwellers".

So all of us were, in some sense, both a "dacha residents" and a "city dwellers" at the same time.

But it does not suit greedy people.
They want to make so that a "dacha life"  was not, any more!

How so?

Matter not only in the title of the law. Matter in the life device. Now the simple life of a dacha resident, which he enjoyed earlier, gradually turns into a continuous judicial and legal stadium at which infinitely and continuously (in ideal option) all sort out, all are quarreling (tariffs, counters, protocols, etc., etc., etc.).

I personally with sympathy treat lawyers. Very much I respect, for example, Locke and Hobbes... I read not so long ago judicial acts about a naval dirks... (To a naval dirk soon - 500 years!) And I understand that if higher education institutions graduate more and more lawyers, then it is necessary to employ all of them. After all not all lawyers can be experts in questions of legal regulation of storage and carrying  naval dirks. This subject at one time raised many questions, but one brave person on radio (so he told) one and a half years this subject discussed. Somehow everything was settled...

Perhaps, to lawyers to focus, for example, on fight against corruption? On environmental protection? On fight against crimes against pensioners? On fight against frauds in the computer sphere (illegal write-offs from cash cards and other)?

Why a dacha life has to provide lawyers with work?

But, I suspect that the problem is deeper here.

For example, why I write this sketch? There are two occasions.

The first, somewhere I saw the copy of the letter sent by "dacha residents" to the authorities. The copy of the letter was on a bulletin board. "Dacha residents" - you will not believe - understood problems of city zoning and learned that behind their back the earth under their dacha (that is - now - gardening) association was transferred from one category to another. And this new category  conducts to a crowding, that there was no silence, but there was a lot of noise and dust, other unpleasant things... To avoid them  people earlier had a rest at dachas.

(If I allow inaccuracy in special words, then - excuse me. The sense is clear. To spend a half a day for reading regulations concerning zones (of different function) in the cities is an extreme task. So I am guided by own memory and by own general impression, which was made on me by the letter, which was hung out at the stand.)

I was surprised to this letter. People, it appears, already went beyond borders of a themes of tariffs, protocols and counters. Now on the agenda - zoning of urban areas.

But there was not enough an one occasion - to begin to write this sketch. With troubles we are supplied regularly. Already got used.

I saw the newspaper where there were photos of the people involved in city zoning. Article convinced that they very in detail previously discussed  all decisions.

I thought. In the housing estate (- the dacha settlement) people live  approximately since 1980 (so in the letter at the stand is written). Now the age of this the dacha (and nowadays gardening) association, already, is about 40 years old. They disturb nobody. They quietly are cutting grass.

Someone comes to responsible people (their photo is placed in the newspaper; influential men concentrated  their faces) also says: change, please, category of lands under this dacha association (that is, under the housing estate). I doubt that the resident of this housing estate came. Perhaps, some other person. It is natural to ask: and why to you it? 

- I want to make (there are some land plots) supermarket, car wash and still some services.

- There people live! They for certain will not want! However, if you want, we can conduct survey, discussion, a local referendum, at last!

The interested person returnes back and goes to analyze other opportunities.

All continue to live quietly...

But no! The former dacha residents study laws, write letters. In general -  are revolted, alarmed, excited.

How "responsible people" react to letters and appeals? Perhaps, got used? ("We will show concentrated faces... Also you went...").

And that who "above" - to them all the same. They have a security guard... Rest, fresh air, silence, flowers... Even locals try not to walk their street...

There was in Russia "a dacha life"...

May 16, 2019 17:01

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