The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on Ma

The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on May 17, 2019

1. Opinion on efficiency of (? individual representatives? of) academic science.


"Flood" in Khabarovsk Krai because of the Bureya landslide will not be

The blockage on the Bureya Reservoir does not interfere with a free drain of water any more

On May 15, 17:14

… While some, having taken an opportunity, frightened locals by "Flood", others did everything possible to liquidate the arisen threats.

... On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for the clearing the river bed and drilling and blasting operations to restore the normal hydrological regime of the Bureya reservoir were used forces and means of the Ministry of defense of Russia.


The sizes the proran [artificial channel] (in the landslide) created by military explosives technicians on the place in the Bureya Reservoir, considerably increased during a spring high water. Capacity the proran increased up to more than 7 thousand cubic meters a second.

Water levels in a reservoir are lower and above the place of a landslide evened out.


How here not to remember frightening forecasts of some scientists predicting considerable troubles from a blockage in the Bureya Reservoir.

"Explosions are not the solution. The channel solves the problem of hydroelectric power, it will work next year. But there is little hope that the water will wash the banks and expand the canal. Therefore, there is a threat of flooding of the village Chekunda. In summer or in autumn floods the water can rise very high. The village, despite all the actions of the military, is doomed, it must be resettled," - said Alexei Makhinov in an interview with a journalist of information and analytical Agency "East of Russia".

At the same time this and similar statements were disproved by calculations of military engineers and hydrologists. In the end, the competent experts were right: there is no danger of flooding of settlements; the natural erosion of the proran by the current of water and the restoration of the riverbed of the Bureya continues.

(...)" []

The comment.

1. "It is not feasible" …

"It is feasible, but it is dangerous – "the new landslide" will come down, - and "the new landslide" will cover the created channel".

"It is feasible, but it is senseless – the created canal will be filled with ice and fragments of trees".

Etc., etc…

As well as all the similar "caring" statements, these theses were based on partly reasonable fears. The enormous Siberian rivers (and the nature of the Far East in general) set tasks of timely response to difficult situations.

But these "caring" statements escorted thoughts and actions towards a completely deadlock (at first glance) path.

Let's present how the situation in the absence of the artificial channel would look. 

Options are possible, but all of them are characterized by phrases: "enormous risks", "enormous headache".

However, I would not put low competence and primitiveness at the forefront.  Behind that road, towards which "some scientists" escorted thoughts and actions, are vaguely visible:

A) Emergency situations and enormous budgetary, difficult for a control, infinite financial expenses,

B) New energy projects (and what can be more sweet?) – the Bureya and Lower Bureya hydroelectric power stations could fall into an uncomfortable situation. And "we" have to take care of the population and about the "reliable" (it is very important – the "reliable"!) electricity supply for the population (and foreign partners)!

C) Catastrophic, painful processes for Far East of Russia (recall, by analogy, the immediate and long-term consequences of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986).

So everything is not so ignorant … and is primitive …

2. A little advice to dear Minister Lavrov.

If Russia has such excellent specialists, that they were able to solve the "Bureya problem" at the highest level, then maybe it's usefull a little bit to activate some Central Asian friends of Russia.

I am referring to the problem of  the Sarez Lake.

If you read the comments of some "local" scientists about the "problem of the Sarez Lake", they will resemble the statements of "some scientists" about the attitude to the Bureya incident.

If something will happen, you will not find a person with a responsibility... All the "clever persons" will disappear somewhere and they will quietly silent…  and they will be imperceptible …

And Russia in case of an adverse turn of events should act as some kind of "fire brigade" once again … Russia in this estimated (probable) adverse case "OF COURSE" will not be able to stand aside … With all pleasant, following from here, consequences …

So it's useful to glance a little ahead … Of course, forcibly it is not possible to force anybody … But, in any case, at adverse turn of events, Russia will have the moral right not to hang up on itself all "delights" and "pleasures" of potentially possible succession of events …

So, mister Lavrov, these (potential) actions - a type of overtaking manoeuvre - provident, farsighted actions. Not such difficult, as negotiations on the Kerch Strait … We hope for you …

May 17, 2019 10:02.

Translation from Russian into English: May 17, 2019 19:53.
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