The Sketch about a faded suns of the cultural dese

The Sketch about a faded "suns" of the cultural desert

I turned on the radio a few minutes ago.

Some radio-lady invited to program the film-figure.

The praises flowed...

What a powerful cultural figure, what films, what a biography!...

I will not deny. I precisely watched one movie. Once. "White Sun of the Desert" is called. Now practically I do not watch movies.

From the program, I once again learned that this film - a special cultural and historical value.

I begin to remember.

It is possible to argue on perception of the main heroes. In someone they will cause respect, and in someone bewilderment and irony. It's too much to call them clowns.
Let's talk about the plot. What is the plot about?
There is a soldier through the desert. Comes to some settlement. Armed struggle begins.

What does fight come to the end with?

The most part of heroes who conditionally enter into group positive - perishes. One of the main characters, if my memory does not fail me perishes by the ship from explosion. Who mined this ship?

What, - I apologize for frankness and nekotoroy cynicism of a question, - sense in all these events and actions? What was received by this soldier going through the desert - except a headache and a heap of different cares?

All this film action - under a guitar song of not clear contents. Not to tear the letter! (And why to tear it?) Nine grams - not to call! (And there are no other options, except nine grams?) In silk networks not to catch... (Not to catch? Not to catch in network? Not to catch in silk – in silk – networks?)....

There is no wish to pass to sharpnesses and to obviously negative estimates.

What's the point of this story?

In General, it looks like a disguised mockery!

I will not deny that this mockery has a certain historical basis. The whole story is somewhat similar to the story of the construction (in exchange of many tons of gold) of the Chinese-Eastern railway (CER). Yes, this road cost Russia much, but as a result brought a headache and disappointments... (Perhaps, there was also some income - will not deny such opportunity... What income?)   

From the history of the construction of the CER, in my personal opinion, it is necessary to draw conclusions, to learn historical lessons.

The movie "White Sun of the Desert", in my private opinion, for any conclusions or lessons does not call.

If someone is given to eat something inedible, but wrapped it in a candy wrapper, accompanied by a glass of drink, then the person may eat. And if at this time the company will have a cheerful mood, all companions, together, and will  amicably laugh...

I understand, there is such habit - to flatter... If all and everywhere is written and say that it is an important person, and this important person comes to radio studio, what remains except how to sing the praises?...

Approximately a month ago I read such history on the Internet. Someone from residents of Great Britain on the attic of the house found the things left there by one of ancestors. This ancestor was the officer of colonial army. During some (military) storm he got trophies. These trophies lay on the attic a century or two. Then, allegedly, they were found by his descendants. 
Descendants are going to sell trophies at an auction. In memory at me - information on their cost. I must have remembered something wrong. Can trophies cost ; 30 million? In General, - millions (pounds).

In this example, you find something that attracts attention. The officer was successful, returned to Britain. His descendants did without social cataclysms, accompanied by the removal of lives and property. The house is preserved (together with the attic and trophies).

Descendants are alive-are healthy and in cash. All are happy.

I assume that they do not watch humiliating movies about the ancestors. Perhaps, they are deprived of pleasure to listen on radio to dithyrambs to the film figures involved in doubtful cultural and historical movies...

May 18, 2019 01:19

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Скетч о блёклых "солнцах" культурной пустыни».