The Monologue about energy of the Bureya events

The Monologue about energy of the Bureya events

On the Bureya River two power plants are located. One HPP - operating. Another - under construction.

If the production of electricity in these places was not profitable, then, logically speaking, the second power plant would not have started to be built.

Consequently, electricity generation here - business favorable, monetary.

On the river some events begin. I assume that on the Bureya hydroelectric power station the measurements, characterizing the watercourse, are carrying out. What is a dynamics of the corresponding indicators – this information "ordinary" Internet users cannot learn, at once. (Somewhere there are such indicators, data?).

One thing is clear, the dynamics of indicators of the Bureya river watercourse at some point began to change. When did this happen? The speed with which these figures, indicators were changing?

It is safe to assume that the space monitoring data of December 12, 2018 became available to the administration of the Bureya HPP (or higher structures). 

Thus, at some point, at the disposal of the administration of the Bureya hydroelectric power station (or higher structures) appeared the data (1) on the changing waterway, (2) on the certain phenomenon, revealed, opened on December 12, 2018.

The administration of the HPP was concerned about?

According to the version accepted currently the natural dam on the Bureya River was found by the local hunter. The name and a surname are announced: Alexander Markanov. Thanks - to this local.

But what is the position, tasks of power engineers? To what extent are they concerned?

"December 25, 2018.

The Bureya HPP, located on the Bureya river in the Amur region, generates electricity using the water accumulated over the summer and autumn in the Bureya reservoir. There is enough water in the reservoir so far.

The overlap ... of the dam, from rocks, that formed in a remote area approximately 100 km above the hydroelectric power station ..., at present, has no effect on the operation of the station, according to news Agency "Khabarovsk Krai today" with reference to the official report of RusHydro. 

"The expedition of power engineering specialists which visited the place of a blockage confirmed almost full overlapping of the river with a landslide. Specialists of hydroelectric power station conduct calculations of options of work of hydroelectric power station ... from various scenarios of elimination of a blockage ..., - it is said in the statement. - Clearing of the bed of the Bureya River is necessary for restoration of natural inflow of water to a reservoir of the Bureya hydroelectric power station. Decisions about possible measures ... will be taken after the completion of ... examination and after ... opinions from the specialized research and design organizations RusHydro and Ministry of emergency situations"".
So: Water in a reservoir is still enough. Overlapping of the Bureya River has no impact on work of the station now. Naturally, the position can change (changed?) both in the direction of bigger tranquility, and in the direction of bigger alarm.

But also the Bureya River, and the Bureya hydroelectric power station – they not in a vacuum exist. Something is remembered …

"According to media, resignation [The governor of Primorsky Krai E.I. Nazdratenko] was connected with an energy crisis, burst [taken place] in the winter of 2000-2001 in Primorsky Krai".

Yevgeny Ivanovich began his career as an "electrician in Association dalpolimetall".

Information about the energy crisis that broke out in the winter of 2000-2001 in Primorsky Krai, somehow immediately on the Internet are not found. (Perhaps, it is also available - if to look for more carefully).

"Bureya HPP, the construction of which began in 1983, is the only real energy source that allows to eliminate the electricity deficit in the far Eastern region within the framework of the Unified energy system of Russia."

"... With the construction of the Bureya HPP, an important socio-economic task is being solved, related to the prevention of floods in the floodplains of the Bureya and middle Amur...."

"The [Bureya] Reservoir flooded about 64 thousand hectares of lands, generally forest (the area of the flooded farmlands — 72 hectares) most of which part is in Khabarovsk Krai and also a part of a branch line Izvestkovaya — Chegdomyn, connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway to The Baikal–Amur Mainline. Instead they built the bypass with a length of 29 km. the filling of the reservoir started on 15 April 2003, was completed in the summer of 2009."

"As a result of creation of a reservoir of the Bureya hydroelectric power station about 640 km ; lands, including 465 km ; the woods (with the general reserve of wood about 3.5 mln m ;) were flooded... From a zone of flooding 388 families from three settlements of lumberers were moved.

The creation of the reservoir led to local changes in the local climate in the area adjacent to the reservoir and downstream…

As a result of filling the reservoir was flooded part of the area of a number of plants and animals, including rare, such as ..., black crane, far Eastern tree frog and .... The reservoir has become an obstacle to seasonal migration of some animals, mainly ungulates...

The overlap of the Bureya hydroelectric dam significantly influenced the composition of fish fauna...".

"Electricity exports to China in 2014 amounted to 3.376 billion kWh.

In 2015, electricity exports to China amounted to 3,299 billion kWh."

"...On August 1 at 14:07 were disconnected by action of protection: The VL of 500 kV "the Bureya hydroelectric power station – Amur"; the first chain of the VL of 500 kV "the Bureya hydroelectric power station – Khabarovsk"; interstate the VL of 500 kV "Amur – Heihe"; The VL of 220 kV "Khabarovsk – Volochayevka traction"; The VL of 220 kV "Khabarovsk – Left-bank" (PJSC FGC UES branch – "East MES") … According to the updated data the power of the disconnected consumers as a result of accident in the Far East reached 1.15 thousand MW …

At the Bureya HPP, the hydroelectric units were disconnected by the action of protections 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. As of 15:37 Moscow time units 1.3, 6 returned to work. In the Amur region without power supply there were left 498 thousand people, in South Yakutia — 39.7 thousand people, Khabarovsk Krai — 715.3 thousand people, in Primorsky Krai — 430 thousand people. Totally more than 1.5 million residents of the Far East were without power supply. At 18:20 power supply was completely restored".

Let's return to modern events, by December, 2018: to emergence of a natural Bureya dam and the filled reservoir behind this natural dam.

"As specifies Kommersant, at preservation of the current situation the Bureya hydroelectric power station (about 17% of electricity generation in power supply system of the Far East ), will be able to work about 50 more days"...

December 28, 2018 00:18

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