The Monologue about the miracle meteorite

The Monologue about the miracle meteorite

The appearance of a miracle natural dam on the Bureya River and a miracle reservoir are facts which no one disputes. These facts are the most important.

The reasons of the appearance of the natural dam - these are the events of the secondary level of value.

But still they are interesting. On the Internet there were photos, and very beautiful, about the fall of the meteorite. No one, of course, can guarantee that these photos were related to the events of December, 2018. It's possible, some archival copies were used.

Some eyewitnesses, who allegedly saw something, are mentioned: "I walked with a dog, saw as something fell 21.12.18 around 20.00. At first was blue-green, and then became red. We laughed - we thought the satellite or a part of rocket was crashed down".

A rather large meteorite in December, 2018 flew over the Far East? If it flew, what is its trajectory? What did he supposedly consist of? How and where did his flight end? Whether its fragments are found?

If earlier studying of circumstances of emergence of a wonderful dam of media was assigned to the commission on emergency of [Verkhnebureinsky] district, then December 26, 2018 the message about the "meeting of regional officials", planned for December 27, 2018, was published in one of articles.

"In Khabarovsk Krai on the Bureya River approximately in the morning on December 12, [2018] was a collapse of the hill. Pictures from the satellite recorded thermal anomaly that day. The fallen part of the mountain bared an inside layer of the soil which was a little warmer than a surface. This phenomenon was also recorded by experts, and then on the basis of their data and assumed when there was a collapse. But millions of tons of sand, crushed stone and trees in the mouth of the river were found only on the past weekend. [? December 22-23, 2018?]

"Discovery" was made by the hunter from the nearest village Chekunda who went on a winter road — the road which was equipped on the river [on the ice].»

("The space monitoring data were promptly transferred to divisions [Departments] of Roshydromet, Emercom of Russia, administration of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, to the Government of Khabarovsk Krai, RusHydro,  the Amur water basin administration").

Actually, a lot of interesting things.

Let's forget the question: "was there a meteorite?" No one denies the fact of obtaining data through the space monitoring activity on December 12, 2018...

But, however, a hunter from the nearest village of Chekunda made a "discovery" last weekend. [?22-23 December 2018?] …

Eventually, Gogol's "the government inspector" is some social "meteorite" … However, Chichikov can also be attributed to similar "bodies" …

"Even on packages they write me: "your excellency". Once, I even managed department. And it is strange: the director left, -  whereto he left, it is unknown. Well, naturally, rumors went: how that to whom to take the place? Many of generals were hunters and undertook, but will approach, - happened, - no, subtly, hardly, difficult. It seems, and easily, but you will consider more attantively - just devil take it! Later they see, there is nothing they can to do, - they came to me. And the same minute on a streets - a couriers, couriers, couriers... you can imagine, thirty five thousand  couriers! What a situation? Make a report!  - I ask. "Ivan Aleksandrovich, go to manage department!" I, admit, was confused ..., came out  in a dressing gown: I wanted to refuse, but I think: the information will reach the sovereign, also the track record,  well too... "All right, misters, I accept a position, I accept, I speak, well, I speak, I accept, only you ...  I...!. An ears on the alert! I..." And precisely: as a rule, as I pass through department, - the earthquake is simple, everything shivers and shivers as a leaf" ….

December 27, 2018 11:34

Translation from Russian into English: May 19, 2019 15:37.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Монолог о чудо-метеорите”.