The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on Fe

The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on February 27, 2019

1) . About the raising the level of attention to the "Bureya problem".


Shoygu told about the elimination of the consequences of the landslide on the river Bureya


MOSCOW, 27 Feb - RIA Novosti. About 500 thousand cubic meters of the rocky breeds which fell to the Bureya River were liquidated by military during clearing of its course, the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu reported (on Wednesday at a meeting of board of the Ministry of Defence).

According to instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin from January 11 to February 12 army divisions cleared the bed of the Bureya River which was blocked as a result of a descent of the rocky massif.

"The works was carried out in difficult climatic conditions with a complete lack of transport infrastructure and a significant distance from the sources of life support. The total volume of rock production was about 470 thousand cubic meters. Without exaggeration, we can say that the operation to move such a volume of rocks in such a short period of time is unique," Shoygu said.

He noted that the threat to the settlements of the Khabarovsk territory, automobile and railway communications of the Baikal–Amur Mainline has been completely eliminated.  According to Shoygu, the Bureya hydroelectric power station restored the accumulating capacities.

"I ask the commanders of the military districts and the Northern fleet to monitor this situation in cooperation with the relevant structures, to provide assistance to regional and local authorities. The necessary work should be carried out with strict observance of security measures," Shoygu added."[]

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26 February 2019

Tatiana Durmanova

Lake Erie was hit by an ice tsunami

Due to a rare natural phenomenon adjacent areas were evacuated.

Strong winds in the area of lake Erie in the canadian province of Ontario, causing power outages and delays in transport, caused a rare natural phenomenon — an ice tsunami. Tells Travel Leisure about it. The gale took out ice hummocks from the surface of the lake on the land in 15 minutes. Ice filled streets, sweeping away lamps and trees. The local police shared video of the event. Areas, adjacent to the coastline, had to be evacuated for the period of a gale which, according to weather services, has to calm down on Tuesday."

February 27, 2019 20:25

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