The Story about magnificent, efficient and cheerfu

The Story about magnificent, efficient and cheerful publications about the Bureya events

Search results on the Internet of publications about the Bureya events were on December 30, 2018 rather interesting.

Into a community of the magnificent publications, in my personal opinion, can be included an article by Pavel Kotlyar ""They pupated": what happens to satellites of Roskosmos. The source reported the failures of Russian remote sensing satellites" (; 26.12.2018, 19:47).

A specific version of events on the river Bureya is not considered in this article [by Pavel Kotlyar], but considers the questions of space monitoring. This article contain the mention of the Bureya events.

In General, this article gives us an idea of the information environment in which we exist. After all, we hear a lot about the launches of Russian satellites? About their useful activities?

Russia is ahead, in front of many other countries in many areas.

Especially actively we are informed about the priorities of Russia before the New Year.

But what practice, reality?

"A situation with a recent landslide in Khabarovsk Krai... showed  that in case of urgent need for monitoring of emergency situations, specialists are forced to refer to the data of foreign satellites, but not of domestic ones".

"... The task having important economic value was solved by means of the European satellite of remote sensing of Earth Sentinel-2A and the Japanese Himawari-8 geostationary satellite"

"... The problem is in non-working appliances  domestic satellites (non-working appliances installed on the formally functioning devices) and the inability to obtain an images from the Russian space Agency (an images of the desired locations in the operational, current mode)".

"... we make a requests (to recieve an  images from domestic satellites), but an answers we have not always..."

"...The problem is the delay in providing satellite images to state customers, even in situations of natural disasters that require urgent assessment."

""From three "Resources" two already "pupated", but we and from three satellites did not obtain all information. Said to us that information goes to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military, only for some reason the Ministry of Emergency Situations for some reason asked this information from us"".

"In Roscosmos "Газета.Ru" it was reported that all satellites are operating normally. However, until recently, all three satellites of remote sensing "Resurs-P", worth 5 billion rubles each, were also officially considered as if to be working normally. ... the two of them went down much earlier of [planned] period... but the Federal space Agency was forced to admit it [this events] [only] after the [published] fact.  In the state Corporation refuse to name the cause of their failure..."

In General, a great journalistic work plus the sound of the song "All is well, beautiful Marquise.".. plus the launch of the balloons …

I remember the work of the ballot paper processing systems during the recent elections in Primorye...

As for the solution of the problem, connected with emergence of a natural dam on the Bureya River, we  thank Europeans and Japanese - we see their help in a research and permission of this problem.

We pass to efficient publications.

One of publications - the shortest. It consists almost of one heading (plus the photo): "Scientists: the landslide on Bureya can flood the Baikal–Amur Mainline".

And what else the journalist can write?. It is clear, that the situation not a simple. The journalist, as any normal citizen, is alarmed. But concrete data are not enough. Who carries out the complex analysis and does forecasts?... However what exactly to analyze? Thanks to Europeans and Japanese...

Other efficient publication is an interview. The leader Oksana Rudenko, the interviewee - Pyotr Evgenyevich Osipov is an ecologist, the director of the Amur Branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature of Russia. (Http://; On December 27, 2018, 22:31).

As for versions of emergence of the Bureya natural dam, Paul Ospiov refers to A.N. Makhinov ("The most correct version which was stated, – the version of Alexey Nikolaevich Makhinov. He is a great expert, the hydrologist, he works at Institute of water and environmental problems. According to him, this destruction as a result of flood of rocks and then their freezing"). ("At some point just the hill moved down and laid down on the bed of the river").

Well, it as you wish... Perhaps, witches flew and on the square approximately in 1.7 they trees, with brooms, tumbled down?. Or "landslide" "moved down and laid down on the bed of the river" and pushed  a wave 40 meters high ("a river tsunami")?.

Pavel Osipov's statements concerning "situation" are more interesting. Why they are interesting?

The ordinary reader of article reads, and mentally sees a picture: enormous taiga, open spaces, endless edges. Somewhere there is the Bureya hydroelectric power station. And somewhere the natural dam appeared. In this taiga anyone can get lost...

Paul Osipov's statements can specify, correct this picture, a little. "... It is, after all, not 'simply' 'the Bureya River, but the top part [ the upper part] of the Bureya Reservoir...".

If we consider this statement to be correct, then the picture is slightly corrected: after all, not absolutely deaf (enormous) taiga, but a kind of "energy economy" ["energy housekeeping"] that brings not small money to someone...

Someone, probably, looks after this monetary  "energy" economy?

Concrete recommendations and fears sound in Pavel Osipov's words: "The river will need to be freed surely...  How she will behave in the spring, when there will be thawing, it is an open question. Plus, it is still unclear whether through those rocky masses [natural dam] a river water is filtered ....".

"Except the Amur region, where there is no population on this piece, there is also the Khabarovsk Krai, where there are several not a really big settlements... nevertheless, they are, exist ...".

"In fact, a dam has formed."

"I still hope that gradually there will be a washout, and naturally it [the dam] will begin to collapse. Well, at least, need to monitor this and it is possible will need to make technical decisions on the liquidation of this dam."

"To drag there equipment is unreal, to take out is unreal, but by means of an up blasting [explosions] it [destruction of dam] is possible to make. Naturally, nothing globally good for the emerging ecosystem of the Bureya reservoir will happen, but nevertheless, this is probably the only way out."

To reproach Paul Osipov there is nothing: such questions (emergence of a natural dam and adjacent problems) – it seems, not a profile subject of his activity.

And the interested citizens are allowed to think:

1) whether gradually there will be a washout, and in the natural way "it" will begin to collapse,
2) whether "to dismantle" "dam",
3) whether to blow up a dam?

Thanks (to "someone") for a rebuses, a puzzles.

Curious remark about harmful consequences. In the foreground - (possible) flooding. Also "the river tsunami" sounded (earlier). But Pavel Osipov mentions one more aspect: "always it is necessary to think that it is an enormous constructions, taking into account the big mass of water which presses on the Earth's crust".

Efficient, necessary, useful interview with the considerable volume of interesting information. (Though not it is possible to agree with all theses).

We move on to the cheerful information. (About the word "cheerful" - it is my personal opinion. Who does not agree - all have the right to their own point of view).

Everyone knows that in the Far East, the New Year is beginning to be celebrated earlier than in other regions.

"From a bag of hands to the Bureya anomaly". Habarovsky kray segodnya news Agency remembers, what excited the public in the leaving 2018. [;? On December 30, 2018 04:00?].

"The event which happened in an interval between December 9 and 12 [December] ...

Scientists claim that the meteorite was not and the hill fell into the river Bureya, blocking it, because of the landslide. Local residents do not believe them and rightly demand to tell – how the landslide mowed the forest on the opposite Bank of the hill (satellite images showed that he [forest] was still 9, and 12 it was gone) and who did the thermal anomaly (a powerful emission of heat, also recorded by the satellite on December 12).

Conspiracy theorists produce more and more new versions. According to one of the latest versions – it was our super-weapon "Avangard", which, according to conspiracy theorists, was, actually, launched not 26, but 12 December, and which did not reach any Kamchatka, but only reached the Bureya".

I don't even know what to say about what I read...

However, wait-wait... Conspiracy theorists claim that somewhere in the far East someone found and opened a mysterious bottle ... It is said that the bottle was - a half-liter...

In a word, thanks to Europeans and Japanese... They launch satellites...

Happy New Year all! Happy New Year, Pavel Kotlyar! Happy New Year, Oksana Rudenko and Pyotr Evgenyevich Osipov!

Happy New Year, IA "Khabarovsk Krai today"! Happy New year, Europeans and Japanese! The best wishes to everybody!!!

December 30, 2018 14:16

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