The Dialogue about the new legislative ideas

The Dialogue about the new legislative ideas

- Some driver tried to damage the camera near the road - to him many penalties come. The irritation from penalties at it was at a boiling point.

- So many lives were saved by these cameras - it's difficult to count. Let  this angry driver "will have a little rest".

- "From there" not always come out  healthy.

- It does not concern us. He had to think of the health and of the life...

- A new law is brewing... About the ban of Super-Jets to break... If any super-jet will break, he will be punished!

- They need to be reined in! There... this... he will correct everything...

- There will be anniversary soon. It I about telegraph...

- We need this anniversary? If we invented telegraph... Or, at least, - if not we, but young talents...

- So he did not invent! I about Edison! They write: "Edison!" "Edison!" He did not guess to vote on telegraph. Polling station. Buttons. One - pro. Another - contra [against]. Data - to the capital. As in the movie - where in absentia played on races. The person comes. On the screen - all data on races, runnings... It is possible to put money - who will win... How this movie is called?. Well... Data on the voting results are displayed directly on the screen. Saving paper. The CEC - is not necessary at all. The governor from a screen reads data.

- With CEC it is not necessary to hurry. Let they are engaged. But idea good. Edison did not guess, and we're moving forward... We live in the 21st century!

- Electronic key!

- Blockchain! Act! Go for it!

- Yes!

May 21, 2019 17:58

Translation from Russian into English: May 21, 2019 18:36.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Диалог о новых законодательных идеях”.