The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on Ma

The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on May 20, 2019

1. "The population … hopes for moving"



May 12, 2019

Ekaterina Vasyukova

(...) Meanwhile, the population fears disaster.  The population hopes to move.
The federal authorities of money did not give on resettlement, and in the regional budget there is no money

(...) The village of Chekunda appeared on the site of the ancient Evenki camps as the main base for the supply [goods] of the Bureya gold mining company. At first, the cargo was transported along the river, later there were roads for horse-drawn and road transport. People, hoping to get [find] gold and get rich, came here from all over Eastern Siberia.

(…) In the winter there live no more than 100 people. In the summer – it is much bigger. Grandsons from the city arrive for grandmothers and grandfathers.

(...) the food ... from the grandmother's garden, the air is fresh, the river. It's better than the city.
… here the place good.... At first built temporary houses, on four families. But some of those, temporary, so still also remained.

Soon measured life of the village was broken by construction of the Bureya hydroelectric power station. (…)

As a result of construction of a reservoir not only the climate, but also river width changed. If earlier in the widest place Bureya there were about 450 meters, then now she spreads on 2 kilometers.


The majority of chekundinets supports the idea of resettlement. In the village there is no work, no a public transport goes to here. The rural boiler house heats only school and administration. a tanker truck twice a week deliver water   from the next village of Elga. The school actually is empty: in the most numerous first class only four children are engaged now …

– We understand that for administration we are unprofitable to be supported, – Nina Svetlova tells. – This boiler house, heating of school, water needs to be brought. When the authorities speak out  on resettlement, we also were delighted. And now, it turns out, again we were left here …. To say briefly, we in full ignorance.


– We're just getting out of here. First the teachers will be cut, then the school will be closed, the last youth will leave, then the old people will die. And the village by itself will disappear, and isn't necessary to be spent for moving, – the local resident, who asked not to call his name, spoke out .... (...)“ []

2. "… immigrants looked at each other and gradually died …"


"There was the real universal grief"

November 06, 2018

Svetlana Hustik 

The flooded Kezhma

(…) The area which people received in exchange to the estates was much less. ... you have besides the house a garage, a bath, a garden, a kitchen garden, sheds. And of you ... – ... to the one-room apartment on the sixth floor. Many had arranged well houses, ... ... garages. Where all this to the city? People were forced to abandon a lot of things. (…) 

… the person who is pulled out from a patrimonial nest suffers and cannot get accustomed in other place. (…)

I spend all the vacations on the dying Angara. For me it a symbol of disappearing Russia. (…)

… today 80 percent of the population of Krasnoyarsk Krai do not know where it is Kezhemsky district and Boguchansky hydroelectric power station (Boguchany Dam). Even in names it is difficult to connect them. The hydroelectric power station is called Boguchanskaya  (Boguchany). The Kezhemsky district, as a result of her construction flooded. The  center of the Kezhemsky District  is in Kodinsk today (the center of the area was in Kezhm till 80th years). It is possible that it was made specially. (…)

… When she was moved to Kodinsk, to the one-room apartment of 26 meters on the 4th floor, she sat down ... and several days in a row silently looked out of the window. … There and there was no place to look, opposite to her  window  there were another a similar  windows. And here so immigrants looked at each other and gradually died. They were pulled out from habitual life …

… None of them plainly adapted to new life …

… I am sure that Russia is not skyscrapers and not the cities, namely the village.

… We received the apartment in Sosnovoborsk, one-room. I could not find work, I look after [care for] sick mother.

… Not to return the past, it is only possible to remember it, touching details of the past which seems the real life now .... (…)

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The comment.

Dear chekundinets did not live near a dump.  It is necessary to move to some central regions of Russia, only...

I will not go into detail, you understand … (… СФ – F100-– Ъ - free(lance) … is a humanism …)

It is possible and to remember Omsk …

Some female resident of Anapa on the Internet sighed recently …

Ask, a sports ground  in Chekunda to be constructed –  with a grid  from all sides… At once a situation  will become easier …

May 20, 2019 22:53

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