The Sketch about a flogging of media-serfs on a me

The Sketch about a flogging of media-serfs on a media-stable

Andrey Kolesov deeply thought, sitting in front of the editorial computer.

Of course, he wanted to philosophize about the destruction of the national media market, about the destruction of age-old ties between a creative media figures, on the one hand, and a consumers of the media product – on the other.He wanted to talk about the infrastructure of the national media market (it was – and now it is not exist), about the creation of a pseudo-media and the pseudo-media market…

Andrei Kolesov even typed the phrase: "media owners are accountable not to the reader, but to the Supreme political class." But, then, he deleted the typed phrase.

"Just nowhere to go." ("Just there is no way out".)

"You really have to wonder at the genius of Turgenev!" “The owneress of serfs gave the command.And what was to do?” "He talked by verses. And in general, he was - the person-song …" "Was necessary to execute the command …"

"The story went further…»

"Vladimir Vysotsky was trying to find own Pauline Viardot…»

Kolesov looked thoughtfully out of the window. But there was nothing there – except the similar man, who also looked out of the window. It seems, his name is, also, Andrey Kolesov …

The look returned to the computer screen! “Account blocked!”

The SMS came: "The admission, access is cancelled".

Andrey Kolesov approached a window and looked at other Andrey Kolesov …

May 22, 2019 09:27

Translation from Russian into English: May 22, 2019 09:57.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о порке медиа-крепостных на медиа-конюшне”.