Angel of God

Russian text

..I opened my eyes and saw an angel with golden hair and white clothes.
..She is a woman ... She was probably meant to be a woman.
S transparent tube from above brought to my hand an yellow liquid ..
I sighed ...
No, of course,she is not an angel .. This is the hospital room ... On the white ceiling are the lamps and for some reason two of them glew in the afternoon ...
..Before the trickling of the liquid,I felt an usual pain in the hand ... Be patient, brother ..
Your fate is to endure to the end .. Maybe it will help to you a little. We must believe in it, then it will help better
... My Lord, tomorrow will be the last day of my meeting with the angel ..
If I am still living on earth, then I will offer sweets to this angel woman.
She sympathizes with me, I understood that. By her intonation. It means, she wishes I regain my helpth.
Lord, give me health for good deeds .. Not for empty and useless ones.
Only for good ...
Last day came.... And I think again that this woman was really an angel.
One diseased woman who was in the hospital  said to the angel:
-I didn’t notice how you entered. Maybe you entered the other door? (And there were no other door).
-And if I flew through the window - the angel joked ...
Angel of God, do not leave me ...
23 of May 2019