The Wewelsburg Castle. The North Tower Project

On January 13th, 1943, Adolf Hitler issued the decree that stipulated that all construction projects which were unimportant for the war had to be stopped immediately. Unfortunately for Himmler, the list of projects to be abandoned, included his Wewelsburg.

He either did not dare to ask The F;hrer for a special dispensation or (more likely) his request was denied. Disobeying the explicit Hitler’s order was, obviously, out of the question.

And then Germany lost the war. On April 3rd, 1945, Wewelsburg was taken and occupied by the 3rd Armored Division of the U.S. Army (do I have to remind you that the castle was triangular?). The official nickname of the division was…  "Spearhead".

As Himmler never completed this transformation project, we can only speculate what the final result was supposed to look like. Only two rooms were more or less (one more, another less) completed.

These rooms were The Obergruppenf;hrersaal (SS Generals' Hall) and the Gruft (crypt). The latter was sometimes called Valhalla and had a distinct acoustics and illumination. The axis of this tower was to be the actual "Center of the World".

A preparation for an eternal flame in the crypt, a swastika ornament in its zenith, and a sun wheel embedded in the floor of the "Obergruppenf;hrersaal" lie on this axis. Both redesigned rooms were never used. Although there is no shortage of speculation, nothing is really known about the plans for designated ceremonies in the North Tower.

Since the 1990s the ornament in the upper chamber has been called the "Black Sun" occasionally. However, it is not known if the SS had a special name for the ornament nor if they attributed a special meaning to it.

Twelve pedestals were placed around the perimeter of the crypt, each with a wall niche above it. Again, there is a lot of speculation about their function but in reality their purpose is unknown. At the zenith of the dome is a swastika with ornamentally extended arms – most likely a symbol of the Sun, eternal life… and God.

Every temple is a portal, an “energy channel”. Fir a very simple reason – its primary objective is to provide the worshippers – the followers of a corresponding religion – with certain spiritual energies. Christians call these energies Divine Grace; in other religions they go by a different name.

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler understood perfectly that to win the existential war (that they incorrectly perceived as the “racial war”) they needed to provide their warriors (and the whole German population) with an abundant supply of powerful spiritual energies.

Actually, the whole ersatz religion of national-socialism (and its enormously powerful and omnipresent propaganda machine) were developed specifically for that spiritual purpose (although they did have other purposes).

However, Heinrich Himmler (somewhat incorrectly, but firmly) believed (possibly being convinced of that by Wiligut) that energies generated by these two appliances are not powerful enough to provide sufficient spiritual fuel for the decisive victory in the existential war.

He believed that only a full-scale religion (that included genuine temples and priest) had the power to provide sufficient energies for a victory in this war. And thus (with the help of Karl Maria Wiligut) began to build such a religion – and the temple.

The latter was supposed to be made by transforming the North Tower of the Wewelsburg castle into an extremely powerful portal, the channel, the generator of extremely powerful spiritual energies.

Due to Hitler’s stop order that effectively terminated the North Tower project and the subsequent defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, the “Wewelsburg portal” was never completed and put into operation.

Neither Wiligut nor Himmler left behind any blueprints for the “Irmin temple” so we have no idea (and will probably never know) how this portal was supposed to look like.

But when I was standing inside the North Tower crypt in March of 2018 – eighty years after the North Tower project was commenced – I had a clear and unmistakable feeling that something was completed.

Something powerful. And this “something” was working. My first degree in a nuclear physics and when I was standing inside that crypt I felt like I was standing next to the core of a small, but powerful nuclear reactor. The operational nuclear reactor.

It was very unexpected (to put it mildly), but the feeling outside of the castle was very calm, comfortable, peaceful even graceful (i.e., filled with the Divine Grace). Most likely, the source of this feeling was not the castle, but the Catholic church of St. Jodocus that stands about a hundred yards from the castle. Because the feeling inside the castle (and especially inside the North Tower crypt) was entirely different.

I am no stranger to very powerful spiritual experiences (the ones in St. Paul Cathedral in London and in the Basilica of Sacred Heart in Paris were extremely powerful) but none of these experiences were nowhere as powerful (militantly powerful, actually) as the one that I had inside the North Tower crypt at the Wewelsburg castle.

The feeling that the portal, the energy channel was working. Not at full power, obviously, but still working. And it is very much possible, that (although it did not help the Nazis win World War II), it still helped them win the existential war and thus save Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks and replaced by an alternative civilization – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

And I had another feeling – also quite powerful. The feeling that if (or when) Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization faces the existential threat again, someone will complete the transformation of the North Tower in Wewelsburg (albeit most likely, into a very different temple).

Which will provide the new defenders of the Western civilization with all spiritual energies they need to win this existential war and save “all of the above” from destruction.

Some occultists believe that this immensely powerful energy is the mythical (or not-so-mythical) Mj;lnir – the Hammer of Thor. According to Norse mythology, it is one of the most powerful supernatural (magical) spiritual weapons in the Universe - if not the most powerful. Some also believe that the mysterious Vril energy and Mj;lnir are one and the same thing.

Consequently, the somewhat artificial (synthetic) neo-pagan deity Irmin worshipped by Willigut is no other than the Norse god Thor. And the Wewelsburg castle is simply modern temple of Thor.