By nature you will not shoot out

Igvas Saveliev
From nature you will not shoot out. And then again - fuck you, give me! Bloody revenge again!

In the far north now: "I did not forgive treason: as a lieutenant he shot his wife and colleague." About it here with video about detention of the jealous man, only not the lieutenant, other man who killed the loving wife:

All my life I hear about such stories. Since preschool childhood. From where In order not to expand on this, I am narrowing down to my father’s book From Moscow to the Outskirts. Notes engineer ":

Growing up, I heard a lot about it not only from the press, but also at work.

In different stories I have always been interested in the nature of things - “See the root” by Kozma Prutkov. Zril Something kongdybal. More on this in my books and articles. For example, in "Bitch Syndrome", "Magnificent Eight", "We are all sinners, and even lovers."

And for those who, from jealousy, explode nerves and those around them, including innocent children along with unfaithful wives, I will advise one thing - do not shoot and do not stifle nature. A woman by nature requires the struggle of males for access to her body in order to give birth to a healthy inheritance. Let's call it a dog - "Kobelyazh." And if a woman is not going to give birth anymore? But this is intentional, good or evil. Inside her, the stallion jumps like dogs at dog weddings.

Among the dogs are found and Othello, when a woman transfers internal illusions to the real situation. A little different, but the same nature of things is the story in Lev Nikolayevich's Resurrection. “I am not guilty!” Shouted Katyusha Maslova. A woman is always right - her nature is “to blame”.

Do we dare to raise our hand to nature? Conclusion - we are looking for a woman in spirit, in soul, physical and psychological compatibility. And if you made a mistake again? Parted with her, let her clean up an omnivorous man. Do not part with nature to part with us!

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