Story Editor. Episode 4 Cut - Fiction

   The sun had been down for several hours and it seemed as if the silence of an early night was everywhere. She was on the second floor of the semi-detached house and after a long working day, she wasn’t in the mood for turning on the light and working on the other papers. She poured some juice and became lost in her thoughts. Holding the glass in her hand, she peered out of the window on to the people who were walking slowly down the street below.

   Suddenly she heard a strange noise come from downstairs. It seemed that she wasn’t in the house alone. Her heart beat faster and her breathing intensified. She was so frightened that she unexpectedly dropped the glass of juice on the floor. The glass broke with a loud noise. The juice spilt on the white carpet and left it stained.

   She was walking downstairs, when the camera came closer to her face and the director said loudly: “Cut!”

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