The Sketch about some unpleasant prospects of mode

The Sketch about some unpleasant prospects of modern journalism and a bloggership

Sergei Sergeievich in the Main library of the country was mastering the material about the rules of fishing.

On the one hand, Nikola Tesla once in his youthful ardor read a hundred volumes written by some philosopher. On the other hand, the young Tesla as a result of such a massive reading, felt himself slightly unwell and eventually exclaimed: "Never again!"(Apparently referring to the huge amount of reading in a short period of time).

But if not to read about rules of fishing, then what, - in such situation, - to be engaged?

And what if to become the journalist or the blogger (there is an opinion that the blogger is one of types of the modern journalist)?

The blogger - he lives on advertizing revenues. He is the master of own life!

The TASS' message comes.

Sergei Sergeievich gets acquainted with interest.

It appears, the artificial intelligence is more and more applied in the sphere of journalism. This artificial intelligence analyzes information, prepares materials.

Sergei Sergeievich feels desire to express his joy.  "Hurrah!".

This artificial intelligence - he is a kind and an all-powerful.

For certain he can feed with two-three fishes and five bread five thousand people. Kind people, - fans and supporters of artificial intelligence, - will lower a retirement age!

With each additional Joule of power of artificial intelligence (or in what units is it measured?)  the retirement age will be reducing by one year.

In the end, poverty will be defeated. All citizens will spread, will settle along the most comfortable beaches of the world and will enjoy the sight of a variety of jellyfish.

Russian citizens will enjoy life – a new era will come thanks to the kindest man! – and artificial intelligence under the control of this good man will work!

If you want, - be a blogger or a journalist. Develop your talents!

But in the message TASS  the phrase alerted Sergei Sergeievich: "The use of artificial intelligence ... will have a serious impact on the development of journalism ...", - said the representative of "Xinhua".
After this message of TASS, such a coincidence, the other message. In Turkey, in the territory of Embassy of Saudi Arabia, something bad was made with the journalist. And he was not the employee of some provincial factory newspaper, but the journalist of the famous American newspaper! There was a man, and - no.

"It is absolutely other turn of reality!" - Sergei Sergeievich focused, concentrated attention and began to read article "A concentration camp on 10 million Uyghurs. China built the police state of the future in the Province of Xinjiang. We visited those edge.

09:01, on September 18, 2018

Source: Meduza". [Meduza - medusa - jellyfish]
"In 2016 took away bloggers and administrators of the Uigur forums."

What means "took away"? Some unpleasant word... There is a smell of mass repressions...

After the monument to the victims of mass repressions was erected in the center of Moscow, Sergei Sergeievich treated the repressions with a negative connotation. Accordingly, he could not approve of repression against bloggers - especially since he himself had plans to become one of them.

The article (about the concentration camp for 10 million Uighurs) direct  Sergei Sergeievich to a some doubt. In Stalin's times, the student Solzhenitsyn along the Volga River floated, rafted. Solzhenitsyn was moving from city to city. He developed creative talents in different "circles" (a  creative organizations for mastering a creative skills)…

And in this article (about a concentration camp for 10 million) it is said that the ordinary person (not a prisoner of the Gulag) can't depart from the own residence (flat, house) more than on 300 meters – and it without any judgments... without any "special troikas (quasi-courts)»…

Sergei Sergeievich esteemed-read materials about journalism and a bloggership and felt an alarm: - And what, in general, prospects? Tomorrow I will go to supermarket to buy products, and I will be told that I am a blogger, that in the right of visit of supermarket I am limited by "artificial intelligence", and of me will not be let to supermarket?

It is better to sit in the library and read about the rules of fishing... It's quieter... Material of a great volume. If ever manage to read up off, it will be possible to switch to the rules of swimming (in allowed and in the wrong places)...

Who thought up to look at jellyfishes?...

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