The Sketch about the inhabitants of Atlantis, sitt

The Sketch about the inhabitants of Atlantis, sitting in ambush

The next broadcast - the next probing of public opinion.

A certain department invented the next idea of lawful depriving "ordinary" citizens off real estate.

The task is given  for the radio hosts to put the issue on the agenda.

They are "rolling" the idea.

All this looks mysteriously.

The woman the radio host begins a subject. There is an idea to take away, to catch a land plots.

The man the radio host. Yes... there are news from Siberia, from Transbaikalia about the fires all the time...

At this stage there can already be a question: what? the new idea connected only with the Areas of Siberia and Transbaikalia?

After a lot of effort, the man - radio host remembered a certain field, where started a fire.

The all honest people extinguished a fire... And consequences could be unpleasant...

Further it continues the idea - as not the mowed grass and garbage on one plot is dangerous to neighbors (they, perhaps, have the neighboring plot, but there is neither not mowed grass, nor garbage).

At last we reached "core".

It is necessary to understand that it is about what else remained at the "ordinary" citizen from real estate.

He, maybe, was able to date to remain with a flat and a land plot (dacha).

Earlier there were both a grass, and garbage on a land plots, somewhere there were also fires, but all those circumstances were treated as not the most pleasant, but more or less natural events.

But you understand! In Transbaikalia and in Siberia - the constant fires!!!

Large subjects to privatization ended. Now they cling to dachas...

Someone can think - and from what are these fires? I am not going to develop this thought not to get under criticism or something unpleasant...

But, however, we are constantly informed about fires, for example, in Moscow at different sites. What in city limits - on these objects - not the cut grass, and these objects are filled up with garbage?

Problem of the reasons of the fires, perhaps, much more difficult... It is connected with other subjects which nobody, knowing a today's life, openly wants to discuss and cannot. We will not concern this subject...

It's funny to me the logic of transfers of land from the owner (which is not cut a grass and not remove a rubbish) to another person.

Why the grass is not mowed and why a land plot is not scavenged?

Even the person who is constantly living in the country (off a city), but occupied with some business, not always has time, forces and desire to be engaged in a grass and "garbage". Sometimes he is engaged in this necessary task every day, sometimes – time in two-three days, once a week, once a month, once a decade...

From 80th years of the 20th century when began to allocate widely a land plots for dachas, the question of a not a mowed grass and of a garbage did not rise.

Therefore, practice to be engaged in a grass and "garbage" whenever possible and at will - is absolutely natural.

Everyone has the own tendencies and the circumstances. Someone went to other city, someone is very busy with something, someone felt decline of cheerfulness or health and so on. The situation changes, - the person cuts the grass and scavenges. What's the problem?

But me more interest of the logician of authors of the idea.

There are "ordinary" people, some of whom are busy with their own Affairs and are not focused on the grass and "garbage".

Let's say at these "ordinary" people, having improved the moment, vigorous people steal a land plot.

Logically, this site has to pass to the person who is focused on a grass and on "garbage".

It is very curious, - if really to represent how "those" sites can circulate and at whose disposal they can be.

Naturally, applicants (potential new owners) will sum, will collect a "new" land plots. They wait for the situation for the profitable sale of real estate.   

Somewhere (one of a set) (one of many persons) there will be an owner who will cut every day the grass and to care for "garbage".

But, however, to new owners these headaches absolutely are not necessary. Anyway, an steal of someone else's property – business not always pleasant and cheerful. And to be engaged in unpleasant business – and instead of money to have a headache with a grass and garbage?

After a good "cleaning" of "ordinary" people, or in general will forget about a grass and garbage, or - the new information directive will be given.

Radio leaders will tell  about the sick grandmother - veteran of war which in the period of a disease suddenly lost the dacha. All learn how she endured the event (with details about its bushes of currant)... All honest the people became indignant , and-... 

After this universal crying an initiative if it reaches a realization stage, will be cancelled.

But after all there is a hope, and - that if the world around us is filled by people, who only and waiting how to them to focus on a mowing of a grass and on "garbage"?

Who are they, these mysterious inhabitants of Atlantis? it is necessary to look ... They somewhere go,  they exist... They – among us …

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о притаившихся жителях Атлантиды”.