The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on Ju

The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on June 21, 2019

1. The channel in the spontaneous dam was created in severe winter time. The summer its a time to appear "the rescuers the scientists". 

Interfax Russia

The group of scientists went to the place of a landslide in Khabarovsk Krai

Khabarovsk. June 18. INTERFAX - the FAR EAST - the Emercom of Russia MI-8 Helicopter brought group of scientists to Verkhnebureinsky district to the place of a landslide to the Bureya River which happened in December, 2018, the press service of Regional Center for Emergency Situations reports.

"On June 17 for assessment of a situation and carrying out necessary researches to the place of a descent of rocky breeds the helicopter delivered task force of the rescuers the scientists representing Far East and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences", - it is said in the statement. (…)"

2. "Scientists" are put in the forefront.

… To eliminate a jam, unique operation in which besides scientists and rescuers specialists of the Ministry of Defence took part was performed. With the help of hundreds of tons of explosives, they moved the rock [off place of location] and restored the water supply to the largest power plant in the region. (…)"

3. It is not yet time to falsify history.



Statement RusHydro

Today, in the release of news  of the First channel, information was announced about the work on clearing the landslide on the Bureya reservoir in January-February 2019, namely: "a unique operation was carried out, in which, in addition to scientists and rescuers, specialists of the Ministry of defense took part...»

This information is not true.

Work on clearing the riverbed of the Bureya with drilling and blasting operations to restore the normal hydrological regime of the Bureya reservoir was carried out by the forces and means of the Ministry of defense of Russia with the assistance of RusHydro.

RusHydro promoted work with the delivery of the equipment, heat guns and other required material resources, carrying out a geoshooting and hydrological calculations to determine the parameters of the proran [channel].

Work to remove the blockage was carried out in conditions of severe frosts and taiga off-road. Hundreds of tons of explosives and equipment were delivered to the place of work by the Russian defense Ministry, more than two hundred people from the command and personnel of the Russian Armed forces directly took part in the operation.

As a result of carrying out engineering and explosive works less than in two months on the Bureya Reservoir the normal hydrological mode was restored. The Bureya hydroelectric power station came to a usual operating mode and increased power production.

PJSC RusHydro addresses Channel One which highly professionally informed in the winter the TV viewers on the course of operation of the Ministry of Defence on the Bureya River, with a request to eliminate the inaccuracies in the plot and to use correct information of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Emergency Situations." [] 

4. The hydrological situation is monitored on a daily basis


Current events

On June 19, [2019] 11:09

The Emercom of Russia MI-8 helicopter delivered a scientific expedition to the place of a descent of rocky soil to the Bureya River of Verkhnebureinsky district

The situation which developed as a result of a descent of rocky breed to the bed of the Bureya River in Verkhnebureinskomrayona in December, 2018 on the present moment continues to remain on control of Emercom of Russia and Government of Khabarovsk Krai. In the daily mode monitoring of a hydrological situation is carried out.

The day before, to assess the situation and conduct the necessary research, an operational group of The main Directorate of the Russian emergencies Ministry for the Khabarovsk territory and a group of scientists representing the far Eastern and Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences were delivered on the place of the proran [former dam] with the help of the MI-8 helicopter of the Khabarovsk air rescue center Emercom of Russia.

The main objective - to study landslide consequences, its influence on the environment. True position and the sizes of a descent, stability of slopes will be established. The group will carry out the assessment of a condition of the hill, existence of cracks in soil and threat of repeated collapse. After sampling of water for chemical analyses already in Khabarovsk it will be established whether finding of a large number of the tumbled-down trees in water affected its quality.

Scientists will try to define and other factors which could affect a descent of this landslide. Also the exact height of a zaplesk of a wave and the harm done to the soil and vegetation will be established." []

On June 21, 2019 03:38

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