The Essay about Donald Trump s work for the benefi

The Essay about Donald Trump's work for the benefit of the whole world

When I learned about the official intention of Donald Trump to run for a second term of office, I naturally was interested in this news. But - this is a matter of domestic political life of the United States.  What it is possible to write about it?

Then, gradually, I came to the conclusion that the activities of Donald Trump to some extent is useful for the people of Russia.

But, similarly, this activity is to some extent useful for residents of Western, Central, Eastern Europe and a number of other countries.

How to call this essay?.

In Russia, you can form an opinion on the activities of Donald Trump, - as President of the United States, - by comparing different news, statements of "experts on American life."

What do we see in his program?

Concern for the development of the real economy in the United States.

Solving problems related to migration.

And - diplomatically speaking - the concern for the preservation of the Western way of life.

All this is primarily important for the United States. Moreover, as the commentators say, the real achievements of Donald Trump have become a fact (and they do not remain in the form of prolonged promises and direct political "throwings" [scams]). 

Positive effects from the activities of Donald Trump, according to commentators, have become a reality after his tenure of less than in period of four years!!!

According to a thin system of "information-intellectual channels", this the policy of Donald Trump produce a healing (though not very powerful) effect on the life of Russia.

The half-freedom of speech, which still takes place in Russia, allows some speakers to express opinions about individuals who have manifested themselves on the "economic front".

And so they, this  individuals, are called, and another way.

The negative assessment of these people has become a common opinion.

And what? And - nothing. Nobody in Russia to them takes any measures, and of someone of this persons is even caressed in different forms.

Donald Trump applies sanctions to those "individuals". It turns out that, one way or another, the US President acts in the interests of the people of Russia.

About (in the diplomatic formulation) "care of preservation of the Western way of life".

Nobody envies the residents of Ukraine in large quantities leaving to the countries of Europe for work.

But the people of Russia, although this is not widely spoken, are also sometimes forced, they are forced, to change their place of residence. If the residents Ukraine have the opportunity to travel to Europe, where can to go the people of Russia? From one "pleasant" (become a "pleasant") places - towards another?

After the reading the article about the concentration camp for 10 million Uighurs, it became even more uncomfortable... It is clear that the residents of Ukraine are much more comfortable to live than the Uighurs (as it is possible to understand, Uyghurs are almost completely deprived of civil rights and are under strict totalitarian personal control).

However, there is no discussion of this problem, no discussion of prospects, no guarantees about anything...

It turns out that Donald Trump cares for a preservation of the western way of life...

We know relatively little about the Uighurs and their lives. About North Korea - it is more. And though not so there is a lot of those who admire North Korea, but even they would not wish to live in North Korea on position of the "ordinary" inhabitant...

In General, there is a person, which works in the interests, of course, first of all - the United States.

But, we have to admit - he works in the interests of the (civilized) world.

This is Donald Trump.

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