We do it, because we can

   Everything we would like to start, we have to start with the beginning. We can love it or not. We could choоse to think of it as the biggest step of our lives. We could hide the reason why and how we will start. But what is important that we ought to find this special thing that we want to do for part of, or perhaps even whole of our lives.

   Many people stay true to their belief that everything starts with an idea. Here are some elements that should be considered:

- Not everything will work out.
At the beginning, we usually don’t know what to do or how to do it correctly, which is why the beginning is so difficult. Everything is new to us.

- Not everything will be the same.
The way in which we imagine what could be versus how it usually is in reality, are two completely different things. Even if we already had a plan, we never know exactly how it will work in real life.

- Don’t give up if things don’t go according to plan.
That’s absolutely normal if we get results that we hadn’t expected.
The process of finding our own way or “method” is helpful too. From this, we can ascertain what we really want on one hand, and what people actually need on the other (hand). The balance of these two parts is how we can ensure that everything will work properly.

- Experimentation and time.
If you change some parts of your approach for such reasons as wanting to find out how much better you will be, or because you could modify something, just do it. Better to try it over and over, than to do nothing at all, or be in such a rush that you miss out on some very special or important parts. Everything takes time and you need time too.   

- Believe in what we do.
If we wish for something with all our hearts, then we have to believe in what we do.
If we want to start something, we should just go for it.
If we would like to make changes, we have to start today.
If we need to go, we had better go.
We should do it, because we can.

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