The Impact of Reading on Human Development

   In my childhood, I had a children’s book, from which I could easily pick up some information on different topics. Most likely many children at that time loved such books, so hopefully for me I was one such child. I liked it because it had a big variety of pictures, short texts and easy questions that were understandable. It was always so exciting to read something new and even surprising.

   At that age, children barely understand that books cultivate their imagination, intellect and influence on their future. Because of reading, we can see ourselves in other people, which makes them more relatable. Books somehow make us more sensitive and empathetic towards other people, their emotions, feelings and even their lives. Books gives us more experience, which we could easily use further without even expecting that much. 

   It is useful to know that reading activities can have as good an influence on us as physical activity. It could also reduce stress, so it might be a great hobby not only for children, but for adults too. More than that, reading makes our speaking process clearer. It helps us with vocabulary and even grammar. Therefore, reading is not just a part of learning, but also an integral part of human development.

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