The Sketch about a media history of trial by jury

The Sketch about a media history of trial by jury

Sergei Sergeyevich liked the publications of the author, who calls himself Sergei Troitskiy.

This is the history of the journalism of the 80s and 90s of the 20th century with the transition into the 21st century.

What was written by Sergey Troitsky about a trial by jury?

With surprise Sergei Sergeyevich found out that on this subject he at Sergey Troitsk nothing, apparently, didn't read.

Maybe there were some mentions...

At first, the jury trial was a beautiful idea and a beautiful memory.

Emperor Alexander II  "invited" the jury in Russia.

By historical traditions neither before nor after was not necessary to remember (and it is not necessary now), to mention  tribunals - juries, trial by jury, in Grand Duchy of Lithuania - and it's a theme for pride, for honor (one of the advanced judicial systems of Europe).

And so, Alexander the Second...

Naturally, in any newspapers and magazines something was remembered about juries. To occupy a little, the reader with the historical fairy tale …

There were people, there were deputies, there were lawyers... Gradually the jury became a reality.

Something, of course, - was written... In a format of reports...

But the press has traditions. The press itself is not against acting as a collective jury - if the conditions are created.

The jury took away from the press, albeit not a large, but a tangible piece of power.

And besides, the jury themselves were not experienced and not always honest. Where could appear in Russia in droves at the same time experienced and honest people? They were... but not the all…

Jury trial is adversarial. The prosecutor acts on the part of the prosecution. Prosecutors also did not have the experience and the appropriate qualifications to successfully represent the position of the charges in a jury trial.

There was something to draw public attention to.

Persecution of jury from the press began.

Jury trials in the information space (something like the theater of the absurd or the circus) were opposed by professional and independent judges.

At some point an institute of juries began to be near his finish.

The press has a new topic - not enough acquittals! How it may be?!!

But it was still bearable... For a time...

But when more or less well-known journalists found themselves in a difficult situation, at this point patience burst.

There was an explosion of indignation.

The journalist was released... Yes...

But, in addition to Moscow, there are other cities. And in addition to the relatively well-known Moscow journalists there are and other journalists... There are also "ordinary" citizens... People, citizens would like some guarantees of their safety...

It is unlikely that a press campaign reaching the level of individual and collective demonstrations of the population will be raised in each questionable case...

Therefore... jury trial?

Sergei Sergeyevich remembered the Magna Carta of 1215. "I hope she's safe."

The media history of the jury trial in Russia continues...

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