The brief review of the documentary about Golunov

The brief review of the documentary about Golunov

About an hour ago, I went to the “Meduza” website and saw the information. A documentary about Golunov prepared.

Golunov. Film Studio "Black flag" the Story of the rescue of Ivan Golunov, shot from close range
11:57, 21 June 2019
Source: Meduza

I do not watch movies, but because I am interested in "this topic", made an exception.

I watched with the sound turned off (faces, movements and visuals give more truthful information than someone's speech).

Watched at an accelerated pace - with the forced movement of the engine [a cursor] through those periods of the film, which seemed to me not interesting.

With this preliminary information, I will present my personal impressions of the film.

At first about "pluses".

The film is a documentary evidence - and it is valuable.

Among the strong scenes of the film are (1) the events at the entrance to the court, when the issue of the measure of restraint was decided, (2) several episodes with Golunov's reaction to certain events - and first of all to the court's decision not to detain him, but to appoint house arrest as a preventive measure.

Scenes at the entrance to the court partly showed the degree of social tension and the strength of public reaction in connection with the "Golunov case".

Due to the expressive face of Golunov several times appeared the atmosphere of what can be called a TERRIBLE THREAT READY "UNEXPLAINED" AND "SUDDEN" TO POUNCE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE.

Now about "minuses".

The film is a kind of documentary happy ending. Events went-went-went and came to positive result. That's fine! Everyone is happy!

What, in my personal opinion, is the main drawback of the film?

No, not everyone is happy. What really happened to Golunov, was not the subject of the film. And the enormous public anxiety, which erupted in connection with the "Golunov case" has not been the subject of attention .

Some scenes that claim to be massive, in my opinion, are just pathetic.

With exaggeration it is possible to call a number of scenes small local fuss. If the events were really so small, insignificant and chaotic, the unfortunate Golunov would sit now in uncomfortable places...

The strong public reaction, the strong social movement that resulted from the "Golunov case", they are not transmitted by the film - in my opinion. Even the photos I saw on the Internet during the "events" period conveyed (for a number of situations) more information and expression.

I will quote the words from one of the publications: "...more than three hundred  (to be exact three hundred twelve) publications, media, news agencies, radio stations and bloggers within three hours after the arrest of Ivan Golunov, almost simultaneously issued the same within the meaning of the text...". ( Oleg Lurie, on 13 June, [2019] "Contractual sacral victim? Wolves and sheep in "Golunov's case"").

In my opinion, this figure (312 media) to some extent conveys the power of public reaction in connection with the "Golunov case"...

If a little artificially thicken the paint, you can call the film advertising. Look, what in the world in General, and specifically in Moscow, there are a people! Here they come, there they talked, they appeared before the cameras - and the result is evident...

The work of lawyers would be desirable to show, but in the documentary, I agree, it is not easy to do. As I understand it, in some episodes, the lawyers were shown.


The film is useful - as documentary evidence of events.

The film is harmful - because it distorts reality, not showing what in reality led to the liberation of Golunov - the enormous anxiety of many people, their desire (at that moment?) to active socially positive actions.

The above is statement of my personal impressions (taking into account viewing of the movie in the accelerated mode and with the disconnected sound).

I refrain from statements that could be perceived as advice and recommendations.

I assume that there will be other films about the events in connection with the “Golunov case”. Perhaps, a new films will tell about events more "correctly."

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