The Sketch about teleportation of a street cat or

The Sketch about teleportation of a street cat or about a border between reality and a fantasy

Sergei Sergeievich goes out of the home and stepps towards a stop of public transport.

On the street a kind woman fed a street cat.

Sergei Sergeievich was sunk into the thoughts, but he paid attention to a cat.


The head of a cat was of a black color, a tail was white, and a torso  - yellow. Very beautiful and unusual cat.

Sergei Sergeievich admired a cat and continued attempts to resolve unsolvable intellectual tasks.

What were the tasks?

Sergei Sergeievich, last night, - so it coincided, - had read three journalistic works.

The first material was devoted to the woman from America. The woman told about the events, which happened forty years ago. She went on department store. She saw the beautiful tall young man. Short conversation, mutual sympathy. The young man invites her  for joint survey of goods. She agrees with him to walk along department store and to look at goods. They came into a changing room, and in a changing room he made with her something  bad. After forty years she decided to tell about it to all people... 

"What to think of all this?" - Sergei Sergeievich does not understand.

He is already standing at a public transport stop. Bus pulls up. Sergei Sergeievich enters the bus. Morning. Rush hour. Closely.

The second story was devoted to sudden stories by the great Olympic championess about her trainer. The trainer invented several original elements for execution at Olympic Games. These elements struck the whole world. He invented receptions for a mastering of these elements. The provincial girl became the Olympic champion. Fate her was, in general, not a bad.

Approximately after forty years she remembered up that the trainer made with her something bad in hotel before the Olympic Games at which she won a gold medal. Not in the sense that between them something was... No! He exactly made with her something bad!... 

The bus sharply braked. Sergei Sergeievich lost balance and began to fall. Trying to find a support, he the hand involuntarily leaned on a knee of the sitting girl.

Sergei Sergeievich is horrified!

He got  in an unpleasant incident! If not right now, then in about forty years!

The girl, however, is immersed in her smartphone. Her body does not react to touches. In general she does not react to anything, except the smartphone. Through ... years will regain consciousness?

There's room for a seat. Sergei Sergeievich looked back. Not far away is a young beautiful woman.

"Whether you wish to sit down? To take the place?"


Sergei Sergeievich takes the place.

He thought that the woman refused to sit down because she goes out of the bus. But she does not go out. On the contrary, she moved closer to Sergei Sergeievich.

Meanwhile Sergei Sergeievich's thoughts passed to the third journalistic work.

The third story is about the widely famous musician, the producer and the head of ensemble. He drank not right liquid and was hospitalized. It was the long sequence of events, which was traced step by step in newspapers and in the Internet.

The health of the producer became better.  He came on a TV show and began to tell about the “other world”, about the terrible people who wanted  to kill him. They bound him with cords, they were injecting into him mysterious substances.

The author of material commented on the situation in such a way, that treatment in itself demanded to immobilize the patient. Injections to him were really given. Finally, the patient is on his feet.  He is capable to come to television station and to tell terrifying stories. About the “other world” - this effect of drugs.

Explanations seemed to Sergei Sergeievich a plausible.

And if the whole world would not monitor treatment of the famous person?! What a public wave would be - after revelations of the producer at the television station?!!  "He was connected!" "They wished his death! "They pricked  of him!"

About the effect of drugs...

When leaves were more green and the world was better, that is - in earlier times, Sergei Sergeievich according to the announcement invited the person for production of some small repair at home. The person came, he executed repair, received agreed money, and left.

For some reason Sergei Sergeievich took from him the receipt which confirmed that calculation and payment is made in full.

Three months passed  after this repair, and on a threshold Sergei Sergeievich saw the person who executed repair. The person remembered that he was not paid in full for his work. Sergei Sergeievich showed a receipt. The man could not argue (he may have forgotten about the receipt - as a rule in such cases do without receipts) and embarrassed, silently left.

After this visit, Sergei Sergeievich thought that the person was a little not sober...

And in general... How to treat these memoirs in [after] year, two, five years and so on?...

How to explain them?

The author of material about the Olympic championess and about her trainer tried to grope two ways of an explanation.

The first way - he put as the epigraph the quote from Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote something about changeability of women.

The second way - the author of the article talked about the philosophy. Of a many people during a life a someone rejects, many people feel disappointed in something. And feelings of disappointment and rejection change the picture of the world...

It is interesting, but nevertheless, nevertheless...

Sergei Sergeievich felt that the beautiful young woman fulfil the touch of her body up to his shoulder. Probably, a number passengers increased? Cramped? Or maybe she wants something?

Sergei Sergeievich tried to look at the young beautiful woman. But he saw only clothes, which fit the beautiful body.

This situation disturbed Sergei Sergeievich. Maybe not after forty years, and in a year or two, this situation can appear in his life again. Now, whether you know, the geolocation is applied...

Sergei Sergeievich decided to leave the bus just in case at the next stop - though it to him was not convenient. “I will walk on foot!"

Sergei Sergeievich left the bus at an unplanned stop, - without having reached to the planned destination.

At the bus stop a street cat sat. He was fed by a kind woman. The head of the cat was black, the tail white, and the body yellow. Very beautiful and unusual cat.

"It is the same cat!"

"No! It can't be the same cat!" “By what way, by what method would the cat get to this stop?!”

The bird flying over Sergei Sergeievich threw off something to him on the head.

To Sergei Sergeievich the guess came: "Some kind person on the car, saw a cat,  put him in the car, transported, and landed the cat at this stop".

"But why to some person to put the cat into the car, to transport the cat, and to land the cat at this stop?" It is not real. It is a fantasy. But nevertheless completely such probability cannot be excluded...

Sergei Sergeievich's thoughts were confused. The phenomena are difficult, are complicated   - a human consciousness and a human memory...

Sergei Sergeievich walked along the street, trying to look away from beautiful women and from beautiful cats. He sometimes raised the head and looked at birds... At these moments, he felt a little relieved ...

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о телепортации уличного кота или о границе между реальностью и фантастикой”.