The Sketch about the Draft the reply to the Draft

The Sketch about the Draft the reply to the Draft open letter to the "Snob"

In the draft of the open letter the number of questions is put.

Let's try to answer some of them.

1. One of questions concerns the strange circumstances connected with (accidental?) opening of a door to premises of the editorial office by the (accidental?) "executor of disorder".

("Disorder" occurred on the night of 9 to 10 June 2019).

The modern door is an highly technological object .

For example, on a number of models of doors on-door speakerphones and the systems of video surveillance are installed.

Here what is established as a result of one of journalistic investigations.

"The office of "Common cause" is to the same address that the Akvo company which is engaged in service of on-door speakerphones in the Southeast district of Moscow and in the Moscow region and also installation of counters of water. The company has many government contracts, mainly with schools, for example on installation of video surveillance and service of engineering systems. In the 2000th years of Akvo was the main shareholder of television of the South-Eastern Administrative District; recently the company has more and more orders from the Moscow region. The main owner of Akvo — the same Leonid Varlamov."

"... the prosecutor's office of Krasnodar Krai since November 15 of the 2018th checked creativity of Husky and IC3PEAK for extremism — according to the statement of the Krasnodar office of the Russian public organization under the name "Common cause". According to the lawyer, department very quickly reacted — in several days to clubs "cautions about inadmissibility of extremist activity" began to come."

Thus, behind questions of the (accidental?) opening of hi-tech doors, behind themes of their service and behind amounts of payment for their (doors) service, a questions of statements for checks ... are visible ...

Not really there is a wish that to us came... about inadmissibility...

As when it was heard about Husky in recent time?

All want to live, or, at least, to exist.

2. In the draft of the open letter it is told about "synchronization on time of events both with Ivan Golunov, and with edition of "Snob"". (At the time of "disorder" Ivan Golunov was under house arrest.)

But it should be noted that "from May 11 to June 21 in squares near Clean Ponds and also in "Hole" (Hokhlovskaya Square), the Hill park and Zinziver bar" there were "attacks". "The unknown who sometimes acted with the accomplice was represented by different names and treated new acquaintances with sparkling water, beer or water." "24 persons suffered". (

Thus, events with "sparkling water" are also somewhat synchronized with "Golunov's business".

 "... the victim tried to submit the application for attack.... She told that... after that [she] was called the addict and threatened to send to clinic". (

In this regard we draw the attention to the Appeal of the editorial office of "Snob"... of June 8, 2019 (

In this Appeal it is noted that "Edition of "Snob" expresses the indignation ..."

3. You understand.

With the best wishes, @

25.06.2019 17:26]

Translation from Russian into English: June 25, 2019 17:55.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о Проекте ответа на Проект открытого письма "Снобу"”.