The Sketch how from a grain to become a tree on th

The Sketch how from a grain to become a tree on the kind earth or about the competition of historical media-projects

Sergey Sergeyevich's thoughts from philosophical questions passed to practical themes.

For example, there is a radio station – a bubble on a soap bench. But people whose work draws positive attention also work at this radio station.

For example, a historian. First, he has a pleasant tender voice. Secondly, he is competent. Thirdly, he is able also to pick up material and to organize discussion with someone from the invited experts.

Increase of some tension is felt in this historian? What it is connected with?

However, if to say objectively, in the capital is not enough  of historians? The department of history since the time of Lomonosov regularly creates, forms and lets out highly skilled historians.

Historians appear not only in the capital. Solzhenitsyn, apparently, by training was a historian?

And whether among this mass of historians there will be no qualified people capable to speak by a pleasant voice and to carry out discussions to studios with the invited guests?

Sergey Sergeyevich met on the Internet a  "channel". The name of the "channel" was not remained in memory.

Subject of the "channel" – "Kickback. What was one thousand years ago. Month after month". 

The fan of history visits places of archeological excavations and makes historical notes – what events occurred 1000 years ago.

This initiative, active historian even made material about the Bolotnikov Rebellion (1606–1607). The highlight of material is that Bolotnikov is an "external" figure, and a source of events was in the competition of different branches of Ryurik dynasty (Rurik Dynasty). There was at that time no money for advertizing in the different state organizations … To bring closer Bolotnikov to some radio station, to give time for he adapted, saved up experience … And further from money for advertizing pay a salary, listen to stories – what was 1000 years ago …

Of course, the Bolotnikov Rebellion took place not 1000 years ago, but all the same – it is interesting. The revolt was not in the  space vacuum. Noblemen, anyway, were involved in it.

And further – work a historical mind! Develop versions! New historical concepts!

In general, how to get onto "the kind earth" and grow from a grain into a tree with big branches?

What this initiative, active historian to do to move forward?

In the Moscow City Duma he has no namesakes. Trips around places of archeological excavations are connected with expenses. Even if to sit on libraries and to select materials in archives, then it is all the same necessary to have money for sparkling water. It is dangerous to agree to free drinks.

So, what a prospects  an initiative, active historian has? To create some media projects of historical orientation? There is no media market. To become the journalist-historian – there are no namesakes in the Moscow City Duma or in other influential state or municipal bodies.

Move into politics? He has a knowledge, he has an energy. A tongue, perhaps, is rotating. On the way it is possible to meet the mass of students from whether the military, whether the medical academy. To them you involuntarily feel a respect – (they give, perhaps, a Hippocratic Oath) - and you recede back. Without having smelled policy yet.

It is clear, that the initiative, active historian with the project "Kickback. What was 1000 years ago. Week after a week. Month after month. Year after year" cannot count on bright prospects.

There are people with experience and reputation. For example, Sergey Sergeyevich likes "channel", called "Sergey Troitsky".

Good style, different subjects, light humour …

The person knows a lot of things. He has what to tell about.

And what? Someone invites him as the radio host of historical programs to some radio station?

What income he has after publications on the Internet? Sergey Sergeyevich assumes that the corresponding income is not high, if revenues in general exist.

In what theme a question is – in loyalty? In namesakes?

If this skilled person listened to an interview with one of (former) bloggers, then he would understand what algorithms lead to success.

At first you create "content". If something turned out, you prepare a letter.

Since the letter it is necessary to begin to convince.

Not to send the letter by mail. To carry in a reception department. "Do you see how I am ready to cooperation?"

Further. Some answer will come. It is necessary to react to the answer correctly.

When  such algorithm is using, the lack of the media market  (or national book market) is not terrible.

After the correct chain of actions you are a welcome guest on radio station. You write something, you speak about something, you inflate cheeks and represents yourself as a considerable media figure. Such persons are also necessary on a soap bench with bubbles.

It is not (very) important what you know and what you are able to do. It is (very) important that regularly and decently you receive …

"As from grain to become a tree on the kind earth" - a question philosophical, a question eternal …

About Bolotnikov – the structure of the historical material is lax, a little... There is no optimum fragmentation of information …

And the historian not badly keeps programs with the invited guests  … But more and more, for some reason, increase of some tension is felt in this historian… 

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Скетч как из зерна стать деревом на доброй земле или о конкуренции исторических медиа-проектов».