The Monologue about the movie dance

The Monologue about the "movie dance"

The news arrived about the negotiations between Evgeny Bazhenov (blogger, movie critic BadComedian) and Ksenia Sobchak concerning the claim from film company Kinodanz.

If  to divide the everything to components, so a such a picture turns out.

Bazhenov made the subjects of attention to both the big money and the algorithm of their distribution.

Naturally, Bazhenov's actions objectively correspond to the public interest (what is the point of spending budget money on a film-oligarchs? The media write that some of Bazhenov's reviews are watched by more viewers than the films themselves – but he does not receive money from the budget).

But public interests are not the main thing. The main thing - coincidentally - that the claim of the film company (to Bazhenov) caused a huge public reaction.

Public interests are the public interests, but to get in addition to the claim a bunch of reputational problems – a kind people do not need such a situation.

Process went towards the settlement of a dispute, conflict.

If to believe the media, Sobchak wrote Bazhenov: "well, … you don't want to give me [as a gift] this statement, or what?..".

First, it is not business formulation of the question. As if – there are a "large" people and there are a "small" ones. And "small" must to water around themselves with boiling water, if "large" asked (demanded) something to give…

Offers real money was not, as I understand it... Bazhenov would have taken  money - is a separate issue. Let's take into account his financial position …

You say – Sobchak helped... I agree. But she helped, as I understand it, selflessly, given the public interest…

And any TV show is an advertizing, it – directly or indirectly quite essential money. And if it is money, is the money to be distributed as agreed, or does one party leave the other without a fair share?

Second, a serious subject, a  question of a state-level about a big money and distribution algorithms could be transformed into performances on TV shows.

This in itself could "lower" both Bazhenov's reputation and the level of the situation as a whole.

Why would Bazhenov ought to pass "earned points" to anyone? If there are no clear motives for this?

"... I , meanwhile, managed to meet and to convince the head of Kinodanz ..." (K. Sobchak)

That's clear.

Nevertheless. Questions about the big money and the algorithm of their distribution remained.

Remained and Bazhenov…

The prospects are not quite clear... The test of survival?...

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