The Story about positive results of efforts of Emp

The Story about positive results of efforts of Emperor Alexander II

When Golunov was already "exempted" from house arrest, but the question still was "on a pause", Sergey Sergeyevich in a fragment of the known radio program heard a solid person's hint. The solid person was invited for participation in this program. The solid person hinted that all "supporters" of Golunov should be considered a drug mafia. "It is a drug mafia!" - with expression and with value the solid person few times exhaled.

To be fair it should be noted that this position did not get support in studio. Though, nobody discredited such a words. Silence was the answer.

""Idea" great!"- Sergey Sergeyevich estimated, - "the Full solution of problems of freedom of speech, freedom of mass media". "But it's not so easy to conduct this "idea" in life!" "What kind of organizational efforts should be made to organize such a complex "campaign"?»

The question with the "Golunov case" was slowly moving in some direction... About two weeks passed . Again Sergey Sergeyevich accidentally turned on radio. Same program.

Now in the foreground not the "Golunov case", but the case of "poisoner".

He poisoned about 24 people. So was reported by some media.

The most curious that he poisoned people in the downtown. They fell as a knocked down.  An ambulance was arriving. It would seem - during a month - a considerable number of dangerously poisoned people by a some stranger in the center of the capital.

But... The poisoner acted nearly a month...

In messages about the poisoner and his activity the word "drugs" was used...

The radio host connected the official person to the program. The official person told about the conducted investigation.

As far as Sergey Sergeyevich, he is far from any difficult investigations, but the story by the official person was a something a naive.

The radio host, probably, before this fragment of a broadcast studied some file about "poisoner". He began to ask questions about the identity, personality of "poisoner" to the official person. The representative of the authorities first did not seek to answer these questions. "It's just an 'unemployed' man."

The radio host insisted. It was necessary to admit that the "poisoner" was studying at some very reputable educational institution.

Radio host insisted that there is information that the poisoner had the rank of "Lieutenant" (in social networks a photos were posted of the poisoner in the officer's uniform and shoulder straps [epaulettes]). When it was been (if it was) – it is unclear…
The official person tried to be not involved in this theme.

Interesting the picture turned out...

The person across the center of Moscow is walking. He not only poisons, but carries on a doubtful talk... "Poisoner" "uses" something?

But not "those" people up to him have fallen... Some a photojournalistess from some private online edition. In this edition there are hints that "nobody is going to vote" for someone, but these are small mentions onto the fifteenth plan...  ...  The General direction of the private Internet edition - some stories about some cultural performances, known to a rather narrow circle of persons...  It's a something small, it's not of a substantial scale…

In General, with the idea of "drug mafia", with the implementation of "idea" were problems…

Meanwhile, a kind of journalistic solidarity worked. The applicant was not treated very politely. Resentment can be removed, can be washed off only by the written word! The publications began ...  In one media, in another... 

And here is the result... A "drug mafia" in this particular case (the case of "poisoner") is clearly not visible, and the noise rose upon a fairly large area... 

Mentioned in the program was the "Golunov case" (without elements of harassment and  without negative characteristics of "Golunov's supporters". "Demons" and "traitors" in this particular case were not pronounced).

The radio host boiled-boiled a little (something should be done!), but did not insist on renaming of "police" into "militia".

Events were moving to news. But – a little unexpected event! The radio host once again was indignant with some a message of a some radio the volunteer. Trouble consisted also that this radio the volunteer posted online the opinion, and some rather famous media person already made a mention of this opinion...

"I'm gonna sue you!" "I will condemn you!" - the host shouted. (Translated into ordinary language – "I will achieve judgment (of court), extremely unfavorable for the defendants ").

News! In radio the program is a break.

Sergey Sergeyevich sighed in relief. To someone of such radio volunteers were sent a hints about adding them to the number of those people who are not judged (who are not can to trial into a court), and whom (just) shoot...

Yes... New, fresh wind! Thanks to the "Golunov case". A new understanding of reality.

So, slowly, and the jury will come to life.

Not in vain the Emperor Alexander II made attempts...

Sergey Sergeyevich listens to the news and turns off the radio.

On June 26, 2019 09:14

Translation from Russian into English: June 26, 2019 10:40.
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