The Sketch about a scientific paradox of Bureya

The Sketch about a scientific paradox of Bureya

Sergey Sergeyevich does not aim to learn a news about the flood in the Irkutsk Oblast.

But, irrespective of his desire, news go as a stream. The situation is a critical, is a extraordinary.

And about situation on the place (former) spontaneous dam on the Bureya River and in the settlement of Chekunda no bad news are observed. The river is the river. Nobody is guaranteed against some adverse news. But, in any case, at the moment they are absent.

And what's interesting. A scientific expedition from the "scientists" of the Siberian and the Far Eastern branches of the Academy of Sciences is sent towards the Bureya river. They, seems, some a model for predicting an adverse events (a landslides and others) are making.

But there is no mentions of the presence of "scientists" from the Siberian and far Eastern branches of the Academy of Sciences - at the place of events in the Irkutsk Oblast.

Why Bureya attracts them so much?

No correct forecasts (of principal importance) from representatives of academic science during the creation of the channel into, through the dam were presented.

However, the Siberian branch during those events wasn't, apparently, presented in the form of personal visits.

But respected "scientist" Makhinov was appearing on the place of the "Bureya anomalies" . He represents, it seems, the Institute of water problems of the far Eastern branch of the Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS).

He made predictions...

Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility, the works are almost impossible? Works started, but a new landslide can get off, and a new landslide is dangerous not only in itself, but also by a new tsunami? The channel created by military engineers will be clogged with ice and fragments of trees? Etc.

The emergency situation in the Irkutsk Oblast - such a situation is in a sector of professional specialization of the Institute of a water problems of FEB RAS?

The dear "doctor" Makhinov is in a hurry towards Irkutsk Oblast? (The representative of the Institute of a water problems of FEB RAS). Or he is busy with landslides on the spot "Bureya anomalies"?

He is unlikely to be awarded by the second medal ... Who knows? If active people will strain...

Suddenly comrade Makhinov still a something will explain? Or he will make any correct predictions?

The news reports that the water in the Irkutsk Oblast very quickly arrived. People did not have time to untie the dogs. Many dogs were drowned.

Disaster, actually.

Accurate, correct, timely forecasts - they would not hurt, they would not be superfluous. The dogs would have been untied, at least. But – "scientists", "institutions", money for "scientists", a different forecasts – them a lot.

Of accurate, correct, timely forecasts - are not enough.

In General, there is a category of problems - a water problems. There is also the Institute of a water problems of FEB RAS.

"Scientific paradox of Bureya"!

This "scientific paradox" also need a solution?

Who will solve it?

To Moscow specialists to address now, perhaps, not in a timely manner. They are busy with topical issues. It seems, to one of terminals of one of the airports the road is flooded. The queue of cars stretched for several kilometers.

So, it necessary to address to some other "scientists"? For example, to a "scientists" from some "the Don centre"?

A little (or, better, a lot) of money of budgetary origin will be received and - work will go!

Moreover, Sergey Sergeyevich heard that the Don territory are among the most densely populated ones. And the Don River does not have possibility to recover.

The situation is pre-critical, pre-extraordinary.

However they build and build all new and new residential districts... Probably, water is necessary to all? A sewer drains are increasing? A volumes of garbage are increasing?

Nevertheless, it is not clear whether new hydraulic structures are being built on the Don river or not?

In General, thank you, "party of sports pants", for our happy life and for our light prospects...

And to solve the "scientific paradox of Bureya", it is necessary to organize a new "scientific center", to find a relatively not polluted river in the Don region and to organize a nice recreational area in the place of the confluence, of such a river with the  Sea of Azov - with yachts and luxury facilities for receiving guests.

Budget money to solve the "scientific paradox of Bureya" will appear. (And on budget money why not to conduct "research" in the south?)

Comrade Makhinov is busy with "model".

The Irkutsk Oblast partially had "sinked", already, in the flood. Partially she prepares "to sink".

And the others... Who did not "get" yet, those are going "to get".

"Scientific paradox of Bureya"!

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Translation from Russian into English: June 30, 2019 00:22.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Скетч о научном парадоксе Буреи».