The Sketch about sports pants

The Sketch about sports pants

Sports pants!

Sergey Sergeyevich tried to put the own thoughts in order.

The skillful maneuver of some applicant for political career made an impression on Sergey Sergeyevich.

In the cultural capital queues of people in sports pants appeared.

Do you want to try yourself in the political field? Expect indefinitely in such queue!

The inventive applicant for political career made dexterous maneuver. He put on on himself sports pants, black glasses, and passed under the guise of an "insider"...


One moment in all this situation drew Sergey Sergeyevich's attention.

The creation of a queue - the goal is clear. But why this queue is of people of a sports facade in sports pants?

There are educational institutions where girls study mainly.

Russia - is a country of beautiful women. If a queue is formed from girls students, then correspondents, having seen such a queue, will write not about sub-electorial technologies, and about beauty and  appeal!

It would be wonderful!

But for some reason some important person said that about 80 percent (the population? businessmen?) are afraid to be engaged in business.

Sports pants, perhaps, - not just sports pants.

... Sports pants are a peculiar signal... Who lives "here", that understands...

Return of the Russian delegation to Parliamentary assembly of OSCE and G20 summit in Osaka. These big international events confirm the mainly positive attitude of the "West" towards Russia.

"The collective West" sees (first of all) not sports pants, but the great history, the great culture of Russia.

"The collective West", despite all nuances of history, and especially on many "events" organized by the USSR (Russia) after the peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) continues to treat Russia mainly with sympathy. Naturally, "events" - also do not disappear from collective memory. But positive outweighs...

Perhaps, sports pants also do not remain unnoticed...

All these naive "Asian counterbalances" to "Western pressure"...

The events in the Asian territories of the USSR after the "collapse" of the Union can be reflected on by reading about the mass departure of the Portuguese, in General, Europeans, from African and Asian territories after the Portuguese "The Carnation Revolution" (1974).

But it's an uncomfortable topic...

It appears, Russia needs "resources" from Asia, but, at the same time, on the Baikal territories are going to limit access - in order to save Baikal (too many people on the shores of lake Baikal - this harms the great lake).

They  tried to ballot, to put Slutsky to a position "vice-" in the Parliamentary assembly ... And Kapitanov was appointed in St. Petersburg to the position of the Chairman of the Committee on the international relations.

Sports pants...

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о спортивных штанах”.