The Sketch about black caviar, silver spoons and t

The Sketch about black caviar, silver spoons and the Ministry of Finance

The big state person came into an office and fell into a chair.

A morning. The beginning of the working day.

There was no grief. Now  you may to consider yourself the owner of a pig! Greetings! Congratulate!

Last job was much nicer.

Young polite people in beautiful sports suits. Girls...

Rio de Janeiro! Russian house! Black caviar! (Beluga caviar). Big silver spoons! Views on people around with a slight, faint smile and hardly noticeable superiority.

And now that? An array of problems on the edge of the earth? Tiresome people?

Not so all is gloomy.

Algorithms are developed.

Take more money from the budget and spend them without account.

For 100 billion dollars to organize the championship not to turn out. But if expenses are numerous and constant, then inevitably some positive result will be achieved.

Then - a whistle to a bull terrier, a small dog, noisy doggies and other figures.  They will explain everything correctly. Who does not agree - those are declared "demons" and "traitors" with all the ensuing consequences.

It is necessary, nevertheless towards "those edges" to go... It is necessary to communicate with these tiresome people...

From abroad for very good salary to invite the trainer with a mysterious look not to turn out, but there are local "scientists". Let develop "models". We will agree about salary...

And why after "all this" not to go to Rio de Janeiro?

Black caviar, silver spoons... Everything that makes this life pleasant!...

If the plan of action is clear, why to postpone? It's time to do a call.

- Hallo! It is the Ministry of Finance?...

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Translation from Russian into English: June 30, 2019 13:34.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о чёрной икре, серебряных ложках и Минфине”.