The Sketch how to move out off I will judge you st

The Sketch how to "move out" off "I will judge you strongly!»

There was once a program called "Radio Baby-sitter."

Sergei Sergeyevich never listened to her. But the name was some a pleasant.

Now all programs – some serious. Happens that you feel irony (when radibobiks are barking), but all the same – they represent from themselves that that - serious. ("We know the future!" Of course, you know. When you burst, a new soap bubble will be inflated  – such is your "karma" …)

However, one transfer, if successful to hear a solo fragment, began to bring Sergey Sergeyevich into cheerful mood.

You will listen, - and you almost laugh. Presently is much.

Imperceptible change of a profile - the transfer from social and ideological problems on radio buffoonery.

Plays a circus march. The clown representing from himself the angry aggressive figure walks on stage …

All it is ridiculous …

"My address in “Telegram”…!"

Why not to feel a good mood?

Sergei Sergeyevich  turned on radio.

The reality did not deceive him expectation.



“Comic old ladies!”


“Traitor hunters!”

"... And I hissed somewhere?"(A "hissing" "hooked" him, - Sergei Sergeyevich thought ).

"It was not the people, it was specific demons!»

"Freedom of speech is an absolute value!»

(Sergei Sergeyevich was wary. There was a hint, concerning a bullet to some radio listeners – without special formalities. And now – "the absolute value". It's not casual.)

"Only the court has the right to punish!" "We have a division of the authorities!" ("A camouflage" …)

"A fight in “Telegram” …"

"Pimply telegrammer" [the user of “Telegram”].

("It seems, begins", - Sergei Sergeyevich  understood.)

"You can gurgle further …"

("Here, in what business!... "Gurgle further..." "Moves down" with "I will condemn!"", - Sergei Sergeyevich understood.)

"It has a consciousness of the neophyte!" ("Tries  to hide own position under clever words").

"And you know who such Boris Johnson?" ("He "tored to pieces" of the pimply telegrammer – how now this telegrammer can be "condemned"? – Sergei Sergeyevich  understood.

The program imperceptibly changes the character, the profile.

Becomes more cheerful. From hissing – to growling.

From a growling – to a radio-clownery …

("The radio-clown, the radio-clown –
There is such a program.
The radio-clown, the radio-clown –
He has one task …")

"Yes, my address in “Telegram” …"

Morning begins with cheerful emotions. Sergei Sergeyevich  switched off radio.

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Translation from Russian into English: July 2, 2019 12:24.
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