The Sketch about the project of creation of a mode

The Sketch about the project of creation of a modern colloquial and political radio station

Once Sergey Sergeyevich on the "Bubble on a Soap Bench" radio station heard an interview of one of "the shivering bloggers".

It turns out that there is such a "Stavrida" project. Something happened recently on this project. And this "something" attracted the attention of the public.

"The shivering blogger" had, probably, some merits. - In other case he wasn't invited into the radio program and something, like an interview, wasn't took from him.

But there is nothing to tell him - not to speak out about his own status as a "trembling creature."..

"The shivering blogger" chose a position of the "defender" of the "Stavrida" project.

He was the "defender" also of the project, and those who organized the event which attracted attention of publics to the "Stavrida" project.

It seemed that "the shivering blogger" raises hands to the sky, asking questions: "Here such (surname) - he is a writer... where to him to prove himself, where to him to "settle"? Such (surname) he... (a type of creative occupations) … where to him to prove himself, where to him to "settle"?..."

If to translate all this into normal language, then the thought was a such.

All national creative markets have been destroyed. Creative people have nowhere to go. To find a "place" for creative occupations – not where.  For them a kind of salvation - projects such as the "Stavrida" project. There is the "Stavrida" project, and it is a rescue for creative people.

Radio presenters, as it seemed to Sergei Sergeyevich, didn't understand why "the shivering blogger" got on their program. But... this - the command, the order... We will endure, we will listen...

Radio presenters used one of their tricks. They fell, they moved into a deep silence.

The naive blogger tried to bring of them out of anabiosis. He switched onto personality.

The radio presenter  (she created something) - where she can to go?... where to her to prove herself, where to her to "settle"?

It is not politically correct any more. At first there was a silence. Then, a some verbal chewing gum - yes ... it followed... yes  it's nothing... in general...

“The shivering blogger” passed to praises to local authorities. They found the electric generator for the "Stavrida" project...

Sergei Sergeyevich saw the silence of radio presenters as an amusing, - the silence in response to the question of the "trembling blogger": "where can she go?".

Yes! Where would she go if not to this radio station? If not into this program?

In General, if to look at the situation more broadly, - how to create a modern colloquial and political radio station?

Sergei Sergeyevich began to think about a hypothetical project to create such a (modern) radio station.

Whether such a radio stations are necessary?

There is a significant contingent of people, who are interested in political, historical, cultural themes and other such topics.

An obtaining information on such topics is in the interest of many potential listeners.

What to do farther?

A preparation of a situation, a loosening of a social soil is an important efforts. 

It is necessary to destroy the main national creative markets - for example, the book and the media ones. Simultaneously with the destruction of the publishers layer and of the community of the independent media, various Internet platforms are being created (for "trading" by books and for free placement of content).

A "trick" of these platforms is that you can find regular "twists down", a decreasings of indicators, for example, of "attendance", "visits", "readings" ... a some else a "tricks" …

If you feel special hopes for receiving money (or for, at least, indicators of attendance, with a significance for your reputation) - you can be disappointed.

(A demonstration not just of loyalty, but of  especially intense, most expressed loyalty gives some chance   - but also in this question a situation is a very not unambiguous...)

Cooperation with foreign internet services gives some chances...

So, a modern radio station...

It's will not be a bad to place a creation, a functioning and a liquidation of radio stations into a deep dependence from "regulators".

Further you find dependent, loyal people - it is better with good gray money.

This money will not be harmful at the first stage.

Further any payments will begin: "support", "advertizing money", etc.

All this arriving money needs to be distributed correctly.

For a staffing - there are no obstacles. "The shivering blogger" correctly put a question: "Where to go?"

Of course, for more or less significant positions it is necessary to find a throweries (a conmen), clowns, radio-doggies, participants of road incidents somewhere in the center of the Northern Capital, radio-zombies and the others.

Their professional level does not matter, indeed.

Let's say there is a working scheme. A certain throwery (conman) is represented as the authoritative personality giving political, creative and intellectual hopes. But of knowledge at him - No. He has no special knowledge.

Is that a problem?

In the absence of creative markets, with the destroyed media market, a lot of real professionals with the needs of self-promotion, self-realization, with motives of vanity and self-affirmation are exist. These real experts are ready to respond to the invitation of any radio station.

Of any radio station? Yes, of them are not so a lot  - because of the above circumstances.

Throwery interviews the real, qualified specialist.

Several results are achieved at once.

1) A reputation result. Throwery "costs at one level" with the real expert. With a cheater a talk is. Him, the throwery, as if consider as an "equal" person.

2) An information result. As a result of an interview fresh relevant information is obtained.

3) A qualification result. When discussing a common issues the throwery (cheater) and "all honest company" receive the general vision of the situation, a certain understanding of processes, interdependences and trends.

But do not think that similar "the cheerful companies" work in a vacuum.

And why Internet platforms (for "sale" of books and free content) exist?

Into the radio station in the continuous regime a fresh creative product goes.

An author thinks that he transferred a book for sale. But, generally sale of books – a business a quite a difficult. An experience and a qualification are needed for such a business. To say it briefly, a sale of books is a care, a concern ... a care of result.

A name of a book steps into a list of books, which are in a sale on the Internet. And such list during a year is replenished, let's say, with two million names. Most - according to Sergey Sergeyevich - a book-nonsense-mass. (But Sergei Sergeyevich does not insist on the correctness of his opinion. Let there be a freedom of creativity!)

Moreover, although the book steps into the list of books, which are in a sale on the Internet, oddly enough, it is not always found as a result of Internet search...

In General, nobody is in a hurry to sell a book  - REALLY, in a reality. But such a book immediately gets to the radio station. They can borrow the name, table of contents, topics, logical connections, plot, ideas, summary thoughts ... 

Copyright protects mainly just text. – It is forbidden to (stupidly) rewrite a text "one to one".

But if a some radio zombie working at a radio station will "stick" to some author, blogger, then this zombie will not read someone else's text on the air.

He, for example, will read the text in the evening, and the own a speech - in the morning. In any case, there will be no full textual coincidence between someone else's author's text and the text of the radio zombie speech...

Of course, the author is able to realize that many creative elements are borrowed from his works, but what can he do?

To make the chronological table of coincidence and compliances (borrowings)?

The idea is not bad, but its implementation takes a time. It is a long-term activity, and it distracts the author from other activities.

Something can be "caught" without efforts. For example, "A bubble on a soap bench" used some of the author's titles for the naming of own programs. However, a conmen (cheaters) – therefore conmen (cheaters), but not characters with the other status. For example, the author has texts and titles which interested conmen. They will not use these titles with a full textual coincidence. They'll put something ahead, something behind. There will be an impression of "accidental" and "partial" coincidence of texts. "Do you wish to prove something? To get into a creative argument?". Of course, the chronology makes a situation more  clear... But the field for discussions remains …

So, about a chronological table…

The main thing - result. Let's say the chronological table of coincidence and compliances (borrowings) is made...

(The title, thematic focus,  logical connectives, individual formulations, etc... the whole team develops creative product of another author ... scammers, clowns, doggies, zombies ... of the author, they do not mention. At "them" - it is not accepted.)

To whom to show such a chronological table? To the staff of this radio station? To their chiefs and patrons?

To all who lives from budget money?

A method of response (one of variants) - as you can to see above - it's a falling, a moving into a deep silence...

But sometimes radio stations do risky maneuvers...

A bubble bursts...

A new bubble is inflated...

Anyway, the project of creating a modern radio station is an interesting topic.

Sergei Sergeyevich decided to give to thoughts the form of the text.

"Something will be read... for a practice..."

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