The Express Sketch about the media zombie

The Express Sketch about the media-zombie

If you want to hear something funny and improve your mood, turn on  "The Bubble on a Soap Bench" radio station!

Sergei Sergeyevich began to use possibilities of unexpectedly arisen comic radio station.

A number of comic characters gathered at this radio station.

One of them at first was not really noticeable.

The character was making a search on a media chats and Internet pages, chose some unofficial figure of the Internet, with independence of position and originality of views, carefully studied the  works written by this figure, and then presented a someone's content  from own behalf, trying to avoid full textual coincidence.

To some extent, it looked interesting. There is a person who is admitted up to the microphone and to the budget money. Let him say something clever into the microphone.

First, to say something clever on the air- why not?

Secondly, the character's activity is useful for those who study media content (in the Internet) and the public's reaction to the content.

The person, who was admitted up to the microphone, at first glance, was a kind of hybrid between a stupid student, which trying to get high marks by memorizing the "material", and a media puppet in powerful and trained hands.

But it is the first impression. Sergei Sergeyevich paid attention to a glance of "hybrid". Eyes were closed by the glasses placed onto an unshaven face (the unshaven face is a symbol? "I have "freedom"?").

The glance of the hybrid was unnatural. Being a polite person, Sergei Sergeyevich tried to avoid extremes. To correlate to the word a "glance" such words as "madman" or "cretin", it seemed to Sergey Sergeyevich an impolite.

Hybrid, as far as it was possible to think according to media reports, took part in several performances organized by the funniest media clown of our days, the modern phantasmagoric "Dr. Evil".

Sergei Sergeyevich turned on the radio.

Hybrid was expressing his thoughts in a radio interview as an "independent thinker".

If the clown, to some extent, acted joyfully,  intending, when he will inflate all the citizens up to the limit level of emotions, to tell for all "goodbye", to wave cheerfully the handle and to depart towards the European Villa which he bought, having shown the certificate of the NDFL [Personal income tax], the hybrid, on the contrary, approached business seriously.

On the Internet the hybrid found the idea about adoption by Russia of the binding foreign policy declaration  concerning the Kuril Islands (similar to the U.S. declarations on foreign policy topics).

Further, the hybrid, according his style, reworked the material.

He put forward the idea that it is necessary to adopt a foreign Policy Document that would fix the bases of Russian foreign policy. What for? And here, - "for what"! Protection against a fool is necessary. What was made by Gorbachev? Oh-oh-oh...

So, there was once Gorbachev, who did a lot of things, and now we need a foreign Policy Document.

And what to write in it? Hybrid doesn't know. (In material about the declaration concerning Kuriles about it it is not written. To mention this declaration - risk of textual coincidence. And what to do?).

But something must be said!

It is necessary to write down in the foreign Policy Document that "not to minimize a distance, excessively", "not to go for rapprochement, excessively", "not to go nearer".

To whom "not to go nearer"? Towards "Western world", towards China...

Then to include this Foreign policy Document in the Constitution and to pursue all who will violate provisions of the Foreign policy Document.

The hybrid felt at some point strong excitement and several times declared into the microphone: "You are enemies!" "You! know, that you are enemies!".

Sergei Sergeyevich was delighted, amazed.

What a transformation of genres!

From comic style to a horror!

Were, there were historical figures. Them call a mentally ill people, presently. But in that time a broadcasting was gaining only a strength...

Couple of such hybrids, and  "the Bubble on a Soap Bench" radio station will begin to do career in a genre of a political horror?...

Sergei Sergeyevich wanted to think of people positively.

"Or maybe the hybrid feels that the clown can cutely to wave to all the citizens by  handle and can move to his European Villa?"

"And absolutely the hybrid not angry, and simply - envies the clown and tries to manage to catch a moment"...

However, an European Villa is unlikely is shining for the hybrid... A material for a temporary a media service...

In places for an improving of mental health a many "great people" are ready "to tear" their "enemies."..

Sergei Sergeyevich was slightly puzzled by signs of change of genre from humor towards horror. He decided to drink a cup of tea...

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