Clickbait and People

   Clickbait is one of such point that internet users can find nearly everywhere nowadays. This is a tool which provides incomplete or even false information for targeting larger public audiences. It easily attracts attention of users. This could be anything from false headlines, to fake pictures or photos, to untrue info.

   Some bloggers use clickbait more often than others, but one of the most annoying things is that some of them use clickbait in nearly every single video or post. It works like this: when you would like to find some information or some experience from other people, you see a headline with one piece of information but the content will be of another. This dishonesty is especially irritating when you have no time or just want to relax with a video from the blogger you like to watch after a long working day or a period of study.

   No one wants to feel bitter or deceived, even if we are talking about our favorite blogger. Somebody could say that it just doesn’t matter or that it’s not a problem at all, but if we don’t think about our own feelings today, who will think about them?  Let’s be more polite and more honest with each other. Clickbait may or may not attract a new audience, but long term viewers and followers want to know bloggers’ point of view on some topics, not how they lie to other people.       

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