Story Editor. Episode 5 Photo - Fiction

   There was a man walking straight down the hill to the seashore. He was wearing white trousers and a light blue shirt. The sandy beach was right in front of him. In his left hand, he was holding a big bag and in his right, he had a photo.

   He was staring down at the photo. At the bottom of it, he could see some colorful shells and small crabs. In the background, there was the dark blue sea stretching out towards the horizon. Not a seagull in sight. Not a cloud in the sky. On the left, there was an old grey pier, some metal anchors covered in seaweed and a rusty old boat nearby. Right in the middle of the photo, were some footprints in the sand. The footprints must have been left by a woman.

   He put the photo in his pocket and wandered slowly along the seashore looking all around him. His phone rang with a loud noise that interrupted the silence. He listened to the voice on the other end of the line attentively. He was smiling, while saying: “Yes, that’s a perfect place!”   

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