The Story about the writer Belyaev and about a new

The Story about the writer Belyaev and about a new understanding of a freedom of creativity

The writer Belyaev enjoyed freedom of creativity.

He at the switched-on computer was writing the fantastic novel about the person with the unique device of lungs. This person had ability a long time to remain under thickness of water.

Sometimes the writer Belyaev watched news on the Internet. One of news was such. The important person suddenly got sick with pneumonia.

The writer's imagination started work.

A unique person fell ill with pneumonia. He is in intensive care.

At this moment the call from radio station, from the radio hostess came. She keeps the "Strategium" program and, owing to her intelligence, is sharpening as the Belyaev  personal tutor (it is necessary to live with a tutor if you do not want that your life turned into an infinite chain of worries, alarms and concerns).

- What for pneumonia?! And base? And unfinished experiment?! And head?!

The writer Belyaev was surprised. Questions sounded unexpectedly.

But membership in literary association did a training in a diplomacy skills:

- Care of medicine at us magnificent! Anyone on legs will be put, - that is, cured! ("If they gave the grant, then I have to write novels under their dictation?!")

The radio hostess kept silent two-three seconds and hung up.

At this moment the strong knock at a door sounded.

For whom is necessary - he has the keys. And other people make a warn about a visit in advance. The writer did not hurry to open a door.

The loudness and force of blows at a door increased every moment.

The writer began to worry and looked out the window -  if a some  sudden situation of a public significance?

In the yard was nobody. But in a sandbox the writer Belyaev saw the children's toy similar to a horse.

It was as if he was struck by a blow.

He rushed to the computer and deleted the file with the ill-fated novel about a man with unique lungs.

Then took out Alexander Fadeyev's portrait from a desk box and put it on a bedside table ("I am a loyal writer!..." "I am the member of literary association and I have the most honest thoughts!").

The knock at a door stopped also suddenly, as well as it began.

Came SMS from the hostess of the "Strategium" radio program. Urgently apply for the next grant.

The writer Belyaev sadly looked at Alexander Fadeyev and wiped sweat from a forehead. Looked out in a window. Toy losharikum disappeared from a sandbox.

"Carried by"... "Tsunami passed by"...

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ о писателе Беляеве и новом понимании свободы творчества”.