The Sketch about the new engine of world economy

The Sketch about the new engine of world economy

After the ill-fated novel writer Belyaev some time lay and drank the champagne, then - a сrude extract of valerian.

On his phone came reminders to apply for a new literary grant.

Had to get up, go up to the computer and to send the apply.

At the same time it is possible to look at news.

The writer Belyaev as if heard thunderclap!

"We forget great milestones!."

In the distant region (oblast) were the not a simple events. How to overcome the terrible consequences and return the oblast to normal life?

The important state person starts to connect to process of help.

Yes, - yes, - yes!

This person has unique experience. He built much during preparation of competitions. - Which cost if not 100 billion dollars, then tens of billions - precisely.

Built-built, and the moment came - a gold medal - after a new gold medal.

The writer Belyaev begins to type urgently the story (the novel) with a plot about the Oblast which got into a critical situation.

The important state person made use of all the experience - and what turned out?

Each resident of the Oblast became, saying figuratively, a champion.

American businessman Elon Musk launches towards the Mars planet the "Dragon" spacecraft.

A resident of the same affected (but rushed, stepped forward oblast), namesake of the famous Mosin, shoots out towards the Alpha Centauri planet  from a fantastic gun-rifle with IR-Dream space-shell-ship.

Throughout China, powerful diversified (mainly intellectual) companies under the control of natives of the same Oblast exist. And the company IR-Way, established by a successful resident of the Oblast, effectively competes with the Huawei. Where's Huawei?  It is heard only about the IR-Way. There, in the composition of the IR-Way, and Americans, and Europeans, but the first violin is played by natives of the Famous Oblast.

At last, the main exchanges of the world could no longer hide the obvious fact - the Famous Oblast has become the locomotive of the world economy.

The global economic revival, the markets grow, stocks are flying up.

Experience, success, "friendly team, go!" - all this thanks to the experience, skills, managerial talents of an important state person.

Suddenly, the writer Belyaev heard the noise of a huge African tom-toms.

"Time, forward!"

In rhythm of tom-toms writer Belyaev pounded on the keyboard computer.

Tom-toms suddenly abated. The sounds of an energetic march were heard.

Just in case, the writer Belyaev looked out the window.

In the yard ranks of slender young people were built. The speaker on the stage declared the Great Oblast IR-Games open.

A music again.

Writer Belyaev happily waved the flash drive in greeting...

On the flash drive a file with a new story "The Locomotive of the world economy" recorded.

On July 6, 2019 14:25

Translation from Russian into English: July 6, 2019 04:50.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о новом локомотиве мировой экономики”.