The Draft of the Charter of media-throweries

The Draft of the Charter of media-throweries

Sergei Sergeyevich gradually came to the conclusion that the actions of the media-throweries (media-conmen) community are subject to certain rules.

And these rules can be formulated in the form of an independent list.

Sergey Sergeyevich gave the project the name "Charter of media-throweries".

"1. Represent of yourself the supporter of public interests and social values.

2. Remember that the destruction of national book and media markets is in your best interest. You are among those who are fed by the budget. The "outsider" media figures - after the exhaustion of their creative potential -  are leaving a creative media process.

3. Do not put a questions about the improvement of public institutions. Discuss individual cases, individual incidents, individuals.

4. Have the most complete information about the creative activities of "outsiders" media figures. Use someone else's media content, not allowing obvious violations of the law. Receive practical benefits and have moral satisfaction.

5. Participate in the creation of a controlled media space. The list of topics to be discussed, names, assessments and other elements should be kept under control.

6. Without a special "permission" do not mention the name of "outsider" media figures. By name it is allowed to mention "our figures", "our people", "insiders"; an estimates of their personalities and of results of activity depend on "instructions".

7. Violators of these rules are subject to (eternal) curse, deprivation of budget funding and (eternal) persecution."

"It is possible to correct something, to add somewhere..." - Sergey Sergeyevich thought. - "Not to write the thesis on this subject?" "They will steal ideas, write and defend theses themselves... And I years will wander around a special thesis (dissertation) councils ?..."

"Let them read... for practice..."

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Драфт Хартии медиа-кидал”.